422 A Bad Encounter

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Fortunately, he was lucky this time. This motorcycle was complete. Its engine and all other parts were intact. It looked like it had been well maintained, and the tires were brand new.

Li Du took out a small notebook and recorded the information on the motorcycle. He proceeded to the next unit.

As there were too many units, and a lot of information to remember, if he completely depended on his memory, he would most likely jumble up the information. So he brought a small notebook along this time for taking notes.

It was a no-brainer that his fellow treasure hunters who followed him would not want to return home empty-handed. The notebook would help him convey the information to them.

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There were a total of seven units on auction from units one to fifty. The most worthwhile seemed to be the one which had the beast-like motorcycle. The rest of the units would not make much money.

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