1211 77 and 103

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Under McRae's urging, Li Du and Hans got into their car and left.

Once they had left, McRae stopped to ponder. Then, he turned back to walk towards number 77. Li Du's earlier words seemed to have revealed some message.

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Just as he neared warehouse 77, a bald white man appeared. The man frowned and said, "McRae, come over. What do you want?"

Seeing him, McRae jumped. He said, "Ah, Supervisor Wendette, you, you… when did you return? I'm just preparing to check if the warehouses have been locked up safely. Want to make sure there's no issue with the door locks."

The bald man said, "No need to check further. There are no problems. Come with me. Just now, someone told me that you brought two men into the warehouse. What's going on?"

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