113 Annoucemnent.

To all my brothers and sister..my beloved power voter, me long time reader..me novel will be posted in a new platform, at GoodNovel. here's the link.


the upcoming chapter will all be posted there, meaning the latest chapter will no longer be posted here in webnovel. if you love the novel, please read it there, it would immensely help me and my novel grow. Traveller of Two Worlds are far from finish, there's still a lot more to discover.

Also in the new platform, i have personally revise the old chapter, make them looks much more nicer than the unedited mess from before. you might find yourselves a little less stressed from all the grammar mistake that has been stabbing you eyes and brain when you read all the previous chapter.

also i will be posting more regularly there, 5 or more chapter a week than the previous 2 a week in here..

so....if you guys were bored or something...please support me by reading my novel at the GoodNovel, and if you were feeling even generous, please spread the amazing-ness of this novel to your friends.

once again this is the new place you can reed my novel. it still got the same name and the same depressing writter that is me.


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