Traveling Worlds as a Assassin MageTraveling Worlds as a Assassin Mage

Traveling Worlds as a Assassin Mage

by Im_Your_Father

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After discovering the love of his life betrayed his love for her, left with no other way to face the problem he turns and leaves without saying a word and what he never knew was how his life came to an end. And the new life he gained would be embroiled in a wars in the worlds he is transmigrated to, and outside the worlds behind the scenes where gods are facing off against destruction beings, will he stand aside or will he choose a side? This is a Yu Gi Oh x Warcraft Fanfiction (1st World) Yu Gi Oh x ????? (2nd World) Original World (3rd World) This novel is for the Open Minded people as there are things mentioned inside that tends to go overboard Do not own the cover page It looks quite amazing, Original Novels/Characters! Do not own any Yu Gi Oh Related novels, warcraft novels, etc.! Love it? Rate it! Feel Confused? Comment on Question CHAPTER! Want to share thoughts? Review it! Feel it's worth it? Stone it! Don't like it? Just leave That simple, no? Tags: Shameless MC, War, WoW FanFic, Harem, Slow Paced Novel, Yu-Gi-Oh Fanfic Schedule Release: Daily (Unless circumstances changes)

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