1 Pilot

John Smith was born in the year 2070, 45 years after the event known as "Gahhanah's Gate". In the year 2025, a large sum or asteroids separated from the asteroid belt and began hurtling themselves toward earth. After many attempts from world governments, the eventual use of nukes was accepted in hopes of a better survival rate. Once launched, the nukes impacted the asteroids and reacted with an unknown substance in said asteroids, sending large shockwaves of radiation and unknown particles across the planet. After the remnants of the asteroids fell to the planet, the effects of the shockwave were soon felt across the planet. For around 5 billion people that survived the initial impact, over two million died from radiation or unseen cancers and illnesses. The world's population was then reduced to an estimated 3 billion, with many governments and states falling apart. Soon new countries formed through where others had fallen, soon establishing 7 main countries across the planet. But shortly after these events, children were being born with unknown birth defects not shown until most turned eight. Some children could control water, others could produce flames. Soon after, the world saw a drastic change once again. People no longer needed to rely on machines or devices to provide them with aid or protection. The human race had evolved into something something that even scientists today still can't even figure out. Rather than giving them a direct name, they called them abbereants.

While many families dreamed of having children that had powers, or children that wished that they grew up in families with powers, John was very different. He was raised in a family where both parents were aberrants, but where he showed no signs of such aptitudes. From a young age, he got the message physically and mentally beat into him that power and respect were everything. He learned quite quickly that being powerless while being surrounded by powerful people meant that you were at the bottom, and they liked to use you as their door mat. He could remember from the time he was 9, his sister constantly punching and burning him to the point where his clothes would stick to his skin. He remembered his brother making his room a living hell: freezing all the windows and doors off to his room, and then lowering the temperature to 0. He spent long nights curled up with everything he had, only to be brought outside to the fighting arena and have the same idea beat into him once again. He spent three years in a family produced hell, then to have him shipped off at the age of twelve to hopefully never deal with him again. By this time, he had hoped the worries and frustrations that he faced at home would disappear, but they only changed. He had to deal with constant bullying and beatings, much like before. Since his parents sent him to an aberrant school in which he had no powers, he was still at the bottom. He knew by this time that life was seemingly the same, it just changes form. "Things never really go away, all they do is where a masm and remind you of what's really lying underneath." He told this to himself every night when he got back to his room. After having spent three years in hell, and another two months in a different one, he knew he had to defend himself. So when he realized he couldn't buy a gun, he decided to go try martial arts. The first time he walked into a karate dojo was the first real moment he could remember having some sort of light shine through the darkness that was the abyss he lived in.  For as soon as he joined the class, he was met by people that saw him as another person, rather than another failure. Even though he still lived through the challenges and struggles that school and life through his way, the dojo was the place where he could shed the load of the years off and be able to truly focus. After four months of practicing the basics, and figuring out how to defend himself, he finally did so. One day at school, a few other students who thought it was always pleasurable to beat on him, decided they would try to make it public today. Little did they know, it would be them being humiliated. For as they tried to take his money and books, they were met by the palm of his hand and a nice meeting with the floor. They were then called into by the principal to say what happened, but the video showed it all. John could only remember being inthralled by their parents being called in, only to realize the true hole he was placed in. He could remember the conversation between a boy and his father, and remembering them talking about pulverizing me next time, and making sure to do so discreetly. "The demons that once plagued me have always done so, but they cover their face and change their name. For the result is always the same, but the ways by doing so always change."

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