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Travelers Of The Unknown


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In the year 2025, a group of meteors came apart from the asteroid belt and hurtled towards earth. In a last ditch attempt to save the planet, nukes were launched at the asteroids and helped minimize damage. But the explosions in the outer atmosphere sent radioactive shockwaves around the planet. Many people died from radiation exposure and pieces of the meteors. This event would later be called the Cataclysm, but birthed a change in humanity that would change its path forward. Kids were being born with powers and abilities, and were known as Aberrants. On average, 1-100 kids are born with abilities. After this, large countries around the world began to form because of the lack of people and resources. The Cataclysm lowered the world's population to under three billion, and was rebuilt on the backs of Abberants. Our story follows the adventures of John Smith. He was thrown out of his family for having no powers, and now he is on a path for self redemption.


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