5 Chapter 05 Discovery

Chapter 05 - Discovery

Summary of the previous chapter:

The MC enters Naruto's world, and Obito from that world died, from Chakra depletion, and resistance (Author: similar to Kakashi, when he died). The MC seized the inert body; during this time, a small fraction of Obito's soul had remained, and he was able to see the future of his life. The MC agrees to put the body on automatic pilot, to awaken the Sharingan, in addition when he awakens the Sharingan as well, he awakened the Mangekyou Sharingan. Throughout the town the regrettable cry could be heard, everyone had different reactions, only one girl could identify the voice of who the cry belonged to. When the MC was able to control his body again, he ran away from the scene, to avoid unnecessary trouble. After a long time, the girl who had identified the scream appeared in the same place, but there was no one in the place.



[November 08 - 2 A.N.N.]

The moment I left the place, I kept running, and I did not care about anything, since I was more worried that I might be discovered.

When I ran the most, I could see the environment where I was, full of trees, and a wooded area. I thought "Maybe, I'm in the area of ​​the forest of death", I kept running without stopping.

During this time, I felt an energy in my body, but I didn't know what it was, I thought "Maybe it would be the Chakra"; I don't take too importance, as you wanted to get out of this place, and just keep escaping.

During this flight, I remembered my past life, when I had entered the virgin forest; where wild animals existed, and I remembered my father's teachings to seek refuge and not get lost. I followed my knowledge, I kept running through the forest to find a safe place, and the farthest place to hide.

Without realizing it, as I ran in the rain, the water was starting to clean away the blood tears, and clean my face, and it was cleaning my entire body. Unconsciously, I didn't care, because was more concerned with escaping.

The further I went into the forest, I loved the feeling of the fresh air on my face, and the wind blowing through my wet hair; it gives me a relaxed and calm feeling. After a while, I found a cave for my refuge.

The cave was in the middle of thick trees, the herbs hid its entrance, it was very difficult to realize it, if it was not because I have experience in exploration, I would not have realized it.

The moment you enter the cave, enter with caution, to see if it was a refuge for an animal or a person. In the end, it was empty, it was very small, but I still agreed.

The cave environment was quiet, the temperature was comfortable, it was neither cold nor hot, I liked that feeling, it was a bit dark since the night was approaching, the rain continued, and it did not stop. I settle for the cave, it was nice. I knew I had to secure the entire cave to prevent water seepage, but I didn't have the time, and at this point, I spoke to the system.

"System, how do I wake up the Mangekyo Sharingan, and use the Kamui? Tell me quickly?" - I spoke, I was a little anxious, and I felt something that was coming.

"Master, you must control the energy that is inside you, and send them to your eyes, at that moment you will be able to use the abilities." - System.

"I can't control the power, a quicker solution?" - Ask anxiously, I hope you have a solution.

"Master, if there is a method, you must sit down and relax, the rest I will take care of." - System

Do not hesitate, and I sat down; I begin to calm down of all worries, speak - "Do it, now"

At this moment, I felt something in my body coming out from inside, and my eyes started to burn. I felt in my body as if something liquid started to come out, and it began to accumulate in my eyes.

The moment I realized it, I was somewhere else.

[Third person]

[Minutes before]

In the forest, you could see a squad of ninjas, with dark suits, and their faces were covered by ceramic masks with animal shapes. The ninja squad had finished a secret mission, and they were on their way to report their mission to their superior at their base.

One of the ninjas that were in the group was someone special since he was the sensor of his group, he was in the middle of the group, he was in charge of discovering if there were enemies or someone in the environment. The ninja group was protecting him, as he is a very valuable asset to their organization because there were very few sensors.

When they were running through the trees, the sensor ninja detected a presence, he was surprised, since the place where they were was very isolated. The sensor ninja alerted the other ninjas to send someone to check the place, and the moment two ninjas went to check the location, something strange happened.

The sensor ninja lost track of the presence, he was surprised at what had happened, since from one moment to another the presence disappeared; he thought he was imagining things, as they were tired, after the mission, and had not slept for several days. He thought maybe exhaustion was playing tricks on him, and I just hope the two ninjas who went to investigate would come.

At the moment the two ninja explorers returned, one of them confirmed that there was no person, only one animal was roaming the area.

The sensor ninja thought for a while, and after a while, he wanted to remove the doubt. He began to check and scan the entire area, in the end, he did not discover anything. At that time he told the entire squad to check the entire area.

When the whole squad started checking, he didn't find anyone, after all, the atmosphere was very bad. The rain and the wind made it difficult to see all the land, and the rain helped clear all traces if anyone had been in this area.

When they found nothing, they finally gave up. After a while, the other ninjas were telling the sensor ninja, that maybe he was wrong. He finally accepted and said- "Maybe, it's tiredness, we need a rest, and the weather is very bad. Come on."

At that time, the entire squad did not care, since all they wanted was to report his mission and rest.

[First Person, MC]

The moment I realized it, I was somewhere else.

The whole environment was white, at one point I thought that he had returned with an unknown voice. But in the end, it was not, since it is very different, where I was standing it was only a small area of ​​twenty square meters. I kept observing the surroundings, I couldn't see the end, everything was white.

After a while of observing, it doesn't matter anymore.

Talk to the system at this time.

"System, show me all the functions in detail, and without any holes." - I talked

"Yes, Master" - Systems, and continued - "Master, the system has three functions of which are: Status, Travel and Help."

"Details its uses" - talk

"Master, The State, helps you see all your data, conditions, and abilities" - System, I pause the systems, and continue - "Next is, trip, it helps you travel to other worlds." Last said - "The last function is, Help, the system can help you, its help is limited, and it can answer the question you ask."

At this point, I keep thinking about the options and begin to review them in detail. I was able to visualize the three options, a thought I selected the option, Status, and the following appeared:

┌ -------------------------------------------- ┐



Name: Unnamed (MC) -> Waiting for name

Age: 12 years

Level: Chunin - Elite

Chakra: Jounin - Superior Elite (Seal)

Talent: Superior (Seal)


Elements: All elements

Bloodline: Uchiha, Senju, Western Dragon.

Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan, Mangekyou Sharingan, Wood, Dragon.


Arch of the Incarnation

Chakra control


Sharingan: Copying Eye, Observer, Recognition, Prediction.

Mangekyou Sharingan: Kamui, and Exchange.




Other skills




After reviewing the Status option I was surprised, and I wanted to remove the doubt.

"System, why do I have the Senju clan lineage?" - Speak

"Master, he always had the lineage of the Senju Clan. What I could identify on the body is that the Kekkei Genkai of the Senju Clan was sealed, until it appeared. Also, more seals were found on the master's body; they have sealed the control of chakra, chakra, balance, body, and most importantly, talent. The one who has placed the seal has wanted the person not to exceed, or stand out from the rest, and most importantly make him weaker. "- System.

"Ohhhhhh !!" I was surprised, I don't know whether to be happy or sad.

"If he was sealed from a very young age, he must have been someone with great potential. To think that from an early age, he will have struggled, and have put in a great effort to achieve where he got. He earned my admiration" I thought, I let out a sigh.

"The most important thing, then one of the parents was a Senju" I kept reflecting, and then I thought something important "That's why Madara Uchiha sealed Obito for his potential, he is the only one who would target someone so weak in the eyes of the village ".

"Well, keep checking the next option, Travel," I thought.

┌ ------------------------------------------------- --------------- ┐


World: "Each world has its laws"

Choice of the world for the trip.


"Well in the future I will know what it means about the laws, now I am in this world. Check the next option, since I still have doubts" I thought while selecting the last option.

┌ ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- ┐

Help: "This option is only for the MC"

Help request: "You only have 7 options to help your growth, or danger, Per world"

Available requests: 5/7

1) Automatic body, to awaken the Sharingan, Mangekyou Sharingan.

2) Use the Kamui to escape.

3 to 7) Available


"Shit, for little things, they already took two aids from me." I thought since I have this option I will remove all the stamps, speak - "System removes all the stamps from my body".

"Master, there is a locator seal between the seals, do I remove it as well?" - System

"Damn, now what do I do" - I spoke in a loud voice, then I felt cold in my whole body when I thought of something important, I thought "The moment I enter Kamui's dimension, then the location seal, there will be warned the one who sealed me; he will think that I escape, or remove the seal. Perhaps he will seek an answer, or investigate my disappearance. It will only point at me. Now as soon as I go outside, again I will have to run to another place. "

I began to calm down, since I am in a safe place, I spoke - "Yes, remove all the seals, and also if there is something harmful."

When I sent the command, it felt like my body had relaxed. I feel more energetic, and freer, it's as if I had weights all over my body before, and I can't control my body very well. Wait a minute, and I began to calm down.

I saw the Help option again.

┌ ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- ┐

Help: "This option is only for the MC, per world"

Help request: "You only have 7 options to help in times of danger."

Available requests: 4/7

1) Automatic body, to awaken the Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan.

2) Use the Kamui to escape.

3) Removal of stamps

4 to 7) Available


Without realizing it the area where I was had doubled.

Now the most important thing, see the memories of the previous body and learn what it knows about its life.

To be continued.....

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