1 Somewhere in the continent,"AFRICA".

My name is richard, 18 years old and now in higher institution, whenever i lie on my queen sized bed and think about my experiences(Mostly painful) years back in my boarding school, the first thing that would pop to my mind is that nothing bad lasts forever.

When i was 11 years old, then still an adolescent, i gained admission to a boarding school(Fredricks Memorial Grammar School) which i and my mum thought intially was the greatest in the very big city of Metropolis. My mom Sonia was very happy because she has heard so many great things about the school like the schoil being a pioneer of education and stuffs like that and also thought that if i can be able to go to school like that one, i can be able to secure a future like my role model(Ben Carson). As for me i was in cloud nine about having such a rare opportunity to go to the school. I had always wanted to be a boarder since the hour i finished with my basic 6 because i heard that a boarding school was a place where i can learn new things and live my life freely(I watch too many adventure films) but little did I know that i was going to get more than I bargained for.

On the 14th of September, my mom bought all the things i might need for boarding which includes my beddings, cupboard, provisions e. t.c.

On the 15th of September, i was sure i got out of bed before the cock crowed and before my mum could wake up to get me out of bed(she thought i was still dozing) i had finished my chores, prepared and was waiting for her to get out of bed. When she got up, she reminded me of what i never forget to take every morning until that faithfull day, BREAK FAST!, i took out my cereal boxand a tin of milk and prepared my breakfast and likewise my mum(You may think why i never mention about my dad, well he is late).

After prepartion, we boarded a bus and we where finally off to school. Little did i know that my life is about to change forever, we reached the school and before we could spell ROBINSON CRUSIOE we had reached at our destination. We got off the bus, paid our fare and walked up to the school gate on which on it was a very large inscription, FREDRICK MEMORIAL GRAMMAR SCHOOL. We where ushered into the school premisis by a security guard who manned the gate, when we entered the school, we saw all kinds of people short, tall, skinny. It was a whole new world for me. We where urshered into a room which i later found out that was called a bursar office, it was there that i and my mum cashed in a teller which was given to us by a banks receptionist after we paid all fees and we where given a receipt which was an evidence of payment. We also went to a woman who took down my name and class and i was finally urshered in as a boarder. My mother left for home after giving me some words of advice, she left for home and it was then that something dawned on me