1 Chapter 1

The woman had her eyes glued to the television. Her innocent green eyes reflected the modelling show and long, black and wavy hairs fell down her shoulder. There were a variety of snacks scattered over the table. The woman was chewing a chocolate bar with her legs stretched over the table. Her flawless face expresses boredom. The rain was pouring heavily outside, the rain was pounding on the window, trees sounding due to the gusts. The windows started slamming due to the wind. This crashing continued for a while. At last, irritated by the noise of the blows reaching her ears, she got up from the couch angrily. She was " The Dream Girl " of many men and women across the country," Emily Bartley". She stepped past a glass sliding door. The door was exhibiting a faded sight of the lawn through the water trickling down the glass. She fastened the window. The thunder roared with intensity. As she was strolling past the sliding door with her lazy motions, a faint figure caught her eyes. She stopped and retreated a bit. She could see a young and short boy through the sliding door. An immensely attractive, slender boy with delicate features. The boy was looking at the sky. His hazel long-lashed seductive eyes mirrored the dark sky. Then he turned his expressionless face towards the woman. His alarming stares pierced through the woman. She called out, " Who's there? " Upon receiving no response, she held her head and murmured," I'm hallucinating again". As she turned towards the lounge, she stumbled upon her feet.

" Ouch!" She cried clenching her teeth, cupping her foot, whose nail was broken. A clear sound of water dripping diverted her attention from her foot yet her gaze was still fixed on the broken claw. She looked up to see the same boy in front of him drenched in water. Lightening spreading across the sky flashed her whole room for a moment followed by great thunder. ( The boy she saw through the sliding door was the reflection of the boy as he was standing behind him).

Her eyes widened, her lips shivering with fear, her body was trembling. Tears start rolling down her cheeks, her breaths were shaking. The boy pressed a finger against his lips," shush".

Her breath halted for a moment and her heart skipped a beat. He was real. The woman locked her mouth with both of her hands. A grin spread across the boy's mouth.

CEO's cabin description: There was a dark walnut bookcase lining the entire left-hand wall. There was a leather sofa with a fur rug over the back and an Indian blanket draped over the arm. Hanging on the right-hand wall to the walnut brown gate were paintings. The woman sitting on the sofa had her eyes glued to the man sitting behind a dark oak desk. The man was completed drowned in his files and notebook that the woman's existence was completely being ignored.

Another corner of the world :

A monitor was reflecting the whole CEO'S cabin and a grey-eyed man witnessing it in a dark corner somewhere.


The woman's brown eyes glanced at her watch. She seemed eager to converse with the man behind the desk as she had been waiting for the past two hours. And the man was purposely making her wait as he wasn't interested in conversing with her at all. She stood up from the sofa and advanced towards the wall paintings. She was walking slowly yet elegantly admiring the beauty of paintings. She halted in front of the final painting. It was a portrait of an attractive boy. His face tilted a bit up, long-lashed golden seductive eyes piercing her existence, beautiful hands, slender long fingers tracing his neck. His bangs pinned back.

( It's the same boy who appeared from in Emily's house ).

She extended her hand to caress the painting but just before she was to make contact, the man caught her hand. His electric blue eyes almost gave death glares. She backed her hand and retreated. She was embarrassed. But in no time she caught hold of herself. " I'm sorry.....uh.....This boy's so attractive. Is he real ...." The man cut her off "It's imaginary." He walked towards his desk and the woman followed her. She sat in front of him.

"Mr.(Evan)Bartley, I truly apologise for my impudent behaviour just now." She drew an envelope from her purse." I'm submitting an invitation from Dylan's Games agency, therefore requesting your presence as a participant in the X event. " She placed a black envelope in front of him. He said with an expressionless face," I apologize but I'm not interested in such events. I prefer to keep a low profile. " It seemed she was determined to persuade Evan therefore she continued with professionalism," Mr Bartley, you'll enjoy several benefits working with us. We ensure the promising growth of your services across the globe. Moreover, ..."

Evan snapped, "First of all, why should I work with such an agency I've never heard of. Yet you are promising such benefits. Last but not least, do you doubt the wealth and connections of Bartley House. If I want to grow my business across the World, I can do it on my own using my resources. So, Miss, you can leave if you have nothing else to talk about. " He commanded harshly.

She was feeling pressured under his domineering aura yet she continued," Mr Bartley, My Boss interpreted that you won't be convinced by me so he asked me to let him talk with you last time before I leave. " She said dialling a number on her phone. Evan took the phone from her and placed it close to his ear, a deep domineering voice entered his ear," Evan, I won't waste your time ...I've sent a photo to your phone. Have a look at it before saying anything."

Another corner of the world:

The grey-eyed man still had his eyes glued to the monitor while he was talking to Evan on the phone. ( He is that woman's boss who is trying to persuade Evan ) Evan was in dilemma, this boss had no sense of formality. He was making a deal with someone yet had a rather demanding tone. And demanding strange things. Evan's eyes showed signs of confusion and displeasure for a moment but at last, picked up his phone. His eyes were glued to the screen. It was a photo of a young boy from behind a bit tilted to the side. There was no way he couldn't recognize him. The grey-eyed man seemed satisfied seeing Evan's reaction, a grin spread across his face and he continued," I know of her whereabouts. If you want her then participate in the X event." He was utterly confused. He couldn't intercept... what was he feeling?

Sweat beads were formed on his forehead. His heart was beating so fast. He had mixed feelings of guilt, horror and happiness...He didn't know how to react. Because there was a deep stich connecting him with the tomboy. ( It's the boy from the portrait, sorry, he isn't a boy but a woman more of a tomboy)

( Okay, the boy that appeared in Emily's house and was in the portrait wasn't a boy but a tomboy).

Millions of Screens around the world were reflecting Evan's encounter with the woman in his cabin. Evan's emotions, life and privacy are displayed before millions.