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Trapped Destinies


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What is Trapped Destinies

Trapped Destinies is a popular web novel written by the author Thelost_soul7, covering ACTION, MODERN, MYSTERY, ROMANCE, COMEDY, STRONG FEMALE LEAD, SPACE, TECHNOLOGY, MYSTERIOUS MALE LEAD, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 281.7K readers with an average rating of 4.95/5 and 15 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 121 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


“The fragrance of your love always flows in my veins,” Asher said coming dangerously closer to Louisa “How do you?” Louisa asked shocked. For some unexplainable reason her heat skipped the rhythm listening to those lines “Babygirl from now on you will only be answering my questions” Asher spoke caging Louisa in his arms “The past is gone just like the water under the bridge, you can’t get a second back; what matters is ‘now’ the right now and where will we go from here” he whispered into her ears smiling viciously The way he said those lines contemplated something in her mind “Why do his eyes look like the ones I knew?” she thought trying to get out of his tight embrace which is making her feel suffocated. “I am loving this Babygirl, where I can see you out but you can’t see it; It’s giving me inevitable pleasure,” he said leaning towards her lips but she pushed him away “Babygirl; if you are still thinking of running away, you better give up that silly idea of yours. You don’t have any other way than this as we had our destinies trapped together,” Asher said following her -------------- Synopsis: Louisa Miller: Born with a silver spoon in the affluent Miller family. She is strong, independent, and talented. Some memories were engraved deeper into her heart than the tattoos on her body. Life was never easy for her but she knows how to beat the hurdles and rise against the odds Asher Carter: Mystery runs in his blood. He is like the brightest moon, who still have a darker side which scared him about the worse things it can do and one day everything he was scared of happening, happened and it changed everything. __________________________ This novel has a mix of all the emotions ranging for happiness to mysteries, with the unexpected twists and turns I believe that the story can keep you hooked. The starting chapters maybe a little lousy but every chapter is important for the main crux of the story. I hope you will shower the love, feel free to comment, and correct my mistakes. The cover doesn’t belong to me and was downloaded from pinterest and was edited by Sree_Exol#1214


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This is a great story to read. The characters were so gripping. I think Louisa has some kind of connection with the MC in the past and you are increasing the surprise factor with every chapter. I am looking forward to see how the story will be going


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The story has lot of interesting characters, which can hold our nerves and increases curiosity by each passing minute. I wish to know what had happened in the past and how the story unfolds😍😍😍


Wow... You deserve more views than this, cool MC, nice plots and characters, good writing style. A huge thumbs up to you author... Keep it up.


Hey.. I really loved your story. .the Mc is badass, I really liked her character. Well also your story line is good.I hope you doing well. Good luck.


I give this book one hundred stars! There is a nice plot and interesting scene. I can't wait to find out what happen next!!! Keep it up!!!👍👍👍


Iam just loving this story. This story captivated me lot. Every character is moulded in such a way that it is increasing my curiosity. Waiting for more updates. I want to see what is the past Lousia holds. I want to know the relation between Asher and Evan. Lots of love....


The main thing I have to talk about this story is character designing. I found that very interesting. Another thing I have to mention about this story is that its going on at the same pace since beginning to ending which is quite interesting for us to read. Really looking forward for more stories from you


Your way of presenting the story is something I'm amazed at. I really loved your character designing which is the basement of a story. Iam really looking forward for more stories from you. Lots of love to your story❤️


your writing quality is excellent. I don't know how to rate your story because it is awesome. your story is totally different from all other stories. I wish more and more good stories from you


This is the most intriguing plot I have come across, every character is built in such a way that they build the curiosity. I am so looking forward to see how Louisa and Asher are going to be. All the best


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