1 Cha 1 : New World!


"Huh? Pop?" He exclaimed as he looked above him, to see where he heard the sound from.

Looking up he saw a lot of bubbles, of all the different sizes, small, large and even bubbles the size of houses, and he saw that they were being used for lots of different things, transportation, seats, there was even people that were using the bubbles to make them fly in the sky but from where he was standing it looked like they were swimming instead of just flying in the air, especially with the ocean directly above them... ocean directly above them? Huh?

Taking a much closer look around himself he saw that the people around him were giving him funny looks like he was an animal in a zoo, children pointing at him as they were dragged away from him by their parents that were telling them to stay away from the human and others whispering just within ear shot around him, now he was used to getting these types of looks and reactions from people because of how he looked, but even for him they were acting a little extreme.

He was only used to the reactions he was getting because of him being a little over 2 meters tall, muscles that could rival Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was in his prime, and I also liked to think that I get a lot of looks for my glorious beard and good looks, but anyway I'm getting away from the topic.

The people around me have lots of different skin colours and some distinctive features, for example there was one guy that was currently looking at me with light blue skin and he had another pair of arms and a fin, like from a shark on his back. Others had fish tails instead of legs, or suction cups like from an octopus along their arms, but they all had gills running along side their necks.

It didn't take him long to put two and two together for him to understand that he was on Fishman island, under the sea, in the world of One Piece, the very same world that he had admired for so long when watching One Piece and the Straw-hat crew on their adventures.

"I'm on Fishman island ... shit, what am I going to do for money?!" He mumbled to himself in panic just realising that he was in a difficult situation now. He had no real skills and he definitely wasn't strong enough to complete on these new seas he found himself on, he would be dead within minutes if he tried to be a pirate or bounty hunter, "But what can I do to earn money on Fishman island?" He mumbled to himself again as he walked along, ignoring the stares he was getting as he went past.

During his walk he came across a ship yard with someone working on a ship there, putting a coating of what looked like sap all over the ship and beside the ship was some type of large pink coral that was sitting in a bowl of the same sap that the ship was being coated in, the coral was producing small bubbles from the sap continuously.

'This must be how ships are coated, and it seems that the coral is used to fill it with air, maybe I can get a job here, it couldn't hurt to ask.' He thought as he went over to the Fishman who was working on the ship.

He had light pink skin with a light brown fish tail with brown spots, he also had a four leaf clover like marking or tattoo on both of his forearms, he was wearing a black hat that pushed down his puffy white hair and gold hoop ear rings in both of his ears, he also had a respectable black goatee that ended in a point.

"Hey!" He shouted to get the Fishman's attention, who turned around at being called.

"What is it lad? You need a ship coating?" The Fishman asked him as he floated down from the side of the ship, a bubble ring that he was sitting on making him fly.

"No, I'm looking for some work, you wouldn't happen to need an extra pair of hands around here?" He asked the Fishman making him extremely surprised, it was a first for any Fishman to get a Human asking for work from them, for a Human to work for him, it was like speaking of the impossible but he could tell that he was being completely serious, it also made him think of his brother, Tom, who did have two Human apprentices before he was killed on Water 7.

"Sure why not? I'm Den, what's your name lad?" Den asked him.

"I am ... Creed D. Solomon, just call me Solomon or Solo for short." Solomon smiled as he shook Den's hand, he couldn't stop himself from using the D name, "Nice to meet you Den, I hope we work well together from now on."

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