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transported to marvel


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Jack was in his room reading marvel comics on his bed. suddenly he thaught about strongest being in marvel so picked his smartphone and searched about it and started to read information. after sometime he started thinking about all characters. most charcter that interest him is death ' it would nice to have death as girlfriend.' suddenly doorbell rang, no one was in house so he came out of his room and walked downstairs after reaching the door, he opened the door lady was outside... heavenly beauty, pale skin, black hair and black eyes that look like darkest space. I was engrossed in her eyes after few sec i came out of dazed state and asked " what do you want miss?" she smiled and said "i heared you wanted to be my boyfriend...." "WHAT!!!....." i don't own marvel or any anime reference i used other than mc. cover is taken from Google. I am new author, english is my secondary language. there will be lots of mistakes so sorry about that. read if you would like


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