3 Chapter 2: Lilylin Laluna tri Denoia

Cpt. Ronaldo Brosol

Felya Town

After we met Mayor Fil'grat Maya, me and Lt. Amanda decided to get take some pictures of the town specially places that has been destroyed by the attack. The command decided to record everything about this world, every information we could find is valuable. We headed to where one of those monster that attacked the town fell.

The natives call it Husar, a lesser dragon according to Mayor Fil'grat. When we got close we thought the this monster is huge, bigger than any flying animals that we could find on earth! It's about the size of a small Cessna 172 plane but a bit bigger, according the the analysis made by the researcher we brought with us, it's wingspan is 13 meters and it's length is 10 meters with about a 1500 kilogram. This thing can hover like a helicopter like we've seen last night. It got scales that can't be penetrated by small firearms and some long rifles. Thankfully there's not a lot of this things in this place as this monster is hard to breed.

According to some locals and Mayor Fil'grat, this monster right here is the stronger one in the species of Husars. The local version of this thing is a bit smaller and less bulkier than this Husar. After taking we and they took pictures of the monster, the researchers came to pick up the corpse to be transported back to the country and be dissected.

There's also a variant of Husars that can carry more than 10 people at it's back. They acted as some sort troop carrier. They are slow and big. Thankfully, we shot down those things before they can even go near the town. They crashed in the water and some unfortunate souls sank down at the bottom of the ocean because of their heavy armors while some are quick enough to remove their armor and float in the water before they ran out of air. A handful of soldiers also landed at a shallow part of the water. These soldiers are only rescued and captured after the troops has cleared the town. They tried to resist capture but when their leaders got shot by our troops they slowly surrendered.

Those transport Husars has already been photographed and taken away by the researchers and I think the brass would do the photoshoot on their own back home. So we don't have to do that job.

After a while, we finished taking pictures of the building and left. We are heading to a makeshift prison to see a special individual.


While walking through the town, we noticed that the people here are looking at us with caution. The people here looked like arabs back on earth, but with lighter skin tone. They also have predominantly red hair which quite strange for us, at least. One kid tried to go near us but was immediately pulled back by her mother. It looked like we have a lot to do before we get the trust of the citizens here. I should recommend to command that we send a humanitarian team here.

We then arrived at what looked like a makeshift prison, the outside is guarded by two of our soldiers and two additional men provided by the local town garrison. They two men provided the local garrison wore some sort of medieval armor from the the 15th century on earth. Interestingly, their armor have some weird letters carved into it and they have green sheen. Apparently, their armor is 'enchanted' with some 'low level magic'. They told me when I asked why their armor looked like that. That type 'enchantment' is typically used by guards, that enchantment eases the fatigue of the one wearing it. I decided to take some pictures of their armor, to the guard's surprise. Command would be delighted to know the existence of this type of 'magic'.

The prisoner we are visiting today is one of the soldiers of the empire, she's the one we saw firing those strange fireballs last night. When one of the Air Burst missile exploded near her, she fell off of her Husar but miraculously landed safely. She was unconscious when the medics got to her but have no serious wounds. Of course the news of her and her fire 'magic' is hidden away as not to cause some sort of issue back in the country. We cut her existence off and it would stay that way until we can know more of this so called 'magic'.

We are visiting her to get some information about magic as ordered by the higher ups. Well, I think we can just ask any locals but the higher ups insists that we investigate her. She has blond hair, with some black mixed in. Her face looks like a typical european women, specifically from the nordic region. Well, to be honest she is kinda pretty. She is wearing a white T-shirt while she is behind the bars.

When I stopped in front her cell, she just looked at me with contempt. I looked back at her. We got into a staring match for a minute or two and I just sighed. I looked at my companion Lt. Amanda that has been silently following me all this time. I gave her the camera and nodded. I said "Let's get this over with."


Lilylin Laluna tri Denoia

When I woke up I was already in this cell. My armor and weapon is nowhere to be seen. Yesterday, we were ordered by Duke Freskolo tri Miserya to attack this town. We left our camp just before the sunset and we arrived at the vicinity of the town after 7 hours of travel. We stopped to land at a nearby island to let the Husars rest. While resting, we planned our attack. I'm the squadron leader of a 20 man team. Our plan is to weaken the defenses and to cause confusion to the town, mine and the other squad will do that. After we weaken them, the transport Husars would then go up to invaded the town and basically level it down.

I thought that this attack is quite brutal for such a small conflict, but it's also a normal tactic of the Empire to get what they want. Though I do not quite approve of it. I heard that the reason is because of a woman, the daughter of the Island lord of this Island. The only reason I'm doing this is because of the order of my family to follow the duke's ever order. If not for that, I would just quit right there. Unfortunately, I have no choice because my family needs the duke's support.

We started our preparation and then started to sortie out. We attacked and the town is in panic, it started easy but... it all went to hell. First we heard stranges sound, I think I haven't heard that sound before. We just shrugged it off but after a few seconds, explosions started to boom besides us. I caught a glance of what looked like a thick rod that's shaped like a lance, it looked like it's heading for me. I tried to evade it but it followed my direction. Started to chant a high level shield spell. After that it went black.

I stayed in this cell, thinking of what happened last night. And then this weird clothed man stopped in front of my cell, beside him a black haired woman. She looks pretty and exotic. The man and I stared at each other for a few minutes, he sighed and spoke in a strange language.

He spoke at strange rectangular object and the thing stated "Hello, I'm Captain Ronaldo Brosol. Philippine Armed Forces. I'm here to ask you a few things." I just looked at him and nodded. He put that strange thing near his mouth again and it said "Well, first off. What is your name and country of origin?". As this is not a sensitive information I just answered "Lilylin Laluna tri Denoia, Miserya Empire. I'm a noble of the Empire, I deserve a better treatment than this!". He just smiled at me and said "Well, Miss Lilylin Laluna tri Denoia, we can talk about better treatment later.". He then added "I would like to inform you that you are now a prisoner of the Republic of the Philippines, due to your group's inhumane attack on this town, the Republic decided to intervene. You will stay as a prisoner until this conflict is over, understand?".

I gritted my teeth and angrily answered "What do mean inhumane?! And what right do you have to intervene on the Empire's matter? Where the hell is this Republic of the Philippines you are talking about? Aren't you from this island?!". He looked at me coldly and said "You attacked civilians! That's why! And what right do we have? It's because in our law!" I was perplexed and just stayed silently. He took a deep breath to which I presume to calm himself down.

He then said calmly "I'm sorry for shouting. I assume you are just a soldier that have orders which you can't disobey. My country is located east of this island. Anyway, you will stay as a prisoner of war of the Republic."

"There's nothing east of this Island! It's just a sea of fog!" I retorted. "Well, I'm saying the truth" He answered. 'He must be lying' I thought.

"Moving on, you will receive a humane treatment while in captivity and we can negotiate some better terms if you answer our questions. Just answer them honestly and you will not receive any maltreatment, okay?". It sounded like a threat. Angry, I questioned "Is that a threat". He just looked at me and smile before saying "You can interpret it however you want.".

I give up, there's no point of resisting anymore "Fine!". His smile widened even more. "Good, now we can finally talk." he said. He looked at the women beside him and talked in that strange language again. The woman gave him a what looked like a paper and he opened it up. He then hold it near for me to see and then said "You are the person in this photograph, right?". 'What kind of magic is this' I thought. Noticing the caution of my face he added "This called a photograph" He pointed at the device beside him "And that's a Camera, it captures a moment and then turn that moment into a photograph." I was very confused hearing the explanation. It seemed like that device can capture a moment in time and turn it into a 'photograph'? He then asked again "That's you right? You are firing some sort of... fire." "I think so..." I mumbled.

"Great! Now can you explain how you can do that?" He asked. I'm still very confused why he want to asks me that. "I just chanted it" I answered. "Can you show me how?" he asks. I just pointed at the collar on my neck and said "I can't, I'm wearing a mana cancellation colar. I can't do any magic while wearing this."