2 Chapter 1: Filya Town

The town of Filya is located in one of the bigger islands in what the native calls Baram Sea, Kaldor Island. Governed by Island Lord K'rat Halu. Just east of Baram is what they call 'Sea of Fog', they call it 'Sea of Fog' because in that part of the sea, just like it's name is a sea of fog. No one ever attempts to go near there because when a ship goes inside the fog, they would be lost forever and could never go back. Legends say that a magically advanced civilization stays there, just waiting for the right time to go out. Well, they are partly right. There is an advanced civilization, but they have no magic and they just got there.


Mayor Fil'grat Maya

Town of Filya

It seemed like a nightmare. Just last night, the Empire's soldiers attacked our town just because one the nobles from there coveted the Island lord's daughter. A true nature defying beauty. They came with their Husars and attacked the town from above. We tried to evacuate the townspeople but it's too late, some of the townsmen died, skewered by spears and sword or burned by magic.

They tried to burn our town to the ground. But mysteriously they all died by what I recall a flying giant arrow that exploded mid-air and they looked like they are chasing the Husars, I didn't see much because it's night but it looked like an arrow. Then there's this mixture of red and yellow lights flying in a streak after some weird sounds. It's sounded like a fast drum beats. I saw some weird lights and heard some sounds, and that's that. That's all I can remember.

I lost consciousness.


Mayor Fil'grat Maya

Filya Town - Aid Station

I woke up in this pure white room, no it looked like a tent. Some strange things are connected to my wrist and I tried to remove it but a strange clothed man stopped me and spoke to me in some weird language. I think he is telling me to stop trying to remove it. He is wearing a white robe outside of strange patterned clothing, there is also a red cross on his shoulders. I think he some part of a military as I've seen some generals and officers of the Empire wearing something on their shoulders too, but he is definitely not part of the Empire. First of all, he's complexion is a bit dark when compared to the population that lives on the continent.

Then suddenly another man and woman came in and they also wore similar weird clothing but I can notice that it's more refined and much cleaner. He came to me and spoke to a rectangular metal and then he held it near me, the thing spoke in the common trade language commonly used in the Union, it said "Hello, I'm Cpt. Ronaldo Brosol and this Lt. Amanda De la Cruz and we are from the Philippine Armed Forces. Nice to meet you. I presume you are the Mayor of this town? It's what the people here told me." I don't know what or where the Philippines are but I surely understand 'Armed Forces'. It seemed like they are part of an Army and his rank is Captain but I don't know what 'Lieutenant' is, it must be a rank. I felt nervous because if they are here that means they must be the one who killed those Imperial soldiers last night and they are here to occupy the town.

He held the strange triangular object to me as if waiting for an answer, so I answered nervously "Y-yes. I'm Fil'grat Maya, the current mayor of the town, appointed by the Island Lord. What can I do for you sir?" and there came it again, a voice talking to a strange language coming from the metallic thing. I think it's some sort of translation device. I never heard of such thing as powerful as this, if this thing can be widespread, no one would bother to learn new languages anymore.

He talked to it again and the thing said "First of all, I would like to know what happened last night and why would they attack your town. Secondly, can you introduce us to your Lord or King?" It seems he wants to know what happened last night. while trying to regain my composure I replied "Yes sir, those soldiers that attacked us last night is the soldiers of the Miserya Empire. One of the high ranking nobles of the empire wants our lord's daughter to be his second wife. I was present when he threatened us when the lord refused to oblige to his demands, I didn't believe that he would do it but as you can see, he stayed true to his words." Due to nervousness, I blabbered a lot of information. "I can introduce you to our Lord but that must wait a little bit" I looked at my body and he looked at it too and nodded. "And where is this Miserya Empire you are talking about located at?" He asked. I wondered why he didn't know such common information because the Miserya Empire has been the hegemon in the continent for hundreds of years.

But of course, I answered his question "The Miserya Empire is located in the west of Kalojan Union, in the continent, across the sea." He put his hand to his chin, seemingly thinking. "And what are those flying monsters last night?" He asked. I looked perplexed as this too is a common thing, I then answered "Are you talking about the Husars sir? Those are lesser dragons, they are commonly used in military of the empire and transportation by some powerful individuals, our island actually has some too but they are far weaker than those in the Empire." Surprised, he nodded and looked at the women beside him, she is just silently scribbling into what looks like paper.

The paper looked nothing like the papers commonly used in the continent, it looks more refined and higher quality than the paper there. 'Are they recording this?' I thought. Captain Ronaldo then looked at me and said as if answering my question "We are recording this conversation as per our standard operating procedure.". "Nice meeting you" He smiled and said with a delighted voice "Great, we still have a lot of questions for you but we would let you rest for now. I'm sure that you are still very tired because of what happened last night. Have a speedy recovery." I answered with "Okay sir, and thanks." He offered his hands but I don't know what to do with it. "Uhh... This is a greeting from our country. This is called shaking hands." He said awkwardly then proceeds to shook my left hand.

He turned around and proceeded to go out.

"What weird individuals" I muttered silently and tried to rest.


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