Transmigration: The Fate of the Villainess Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Transmigration: The Fate of the Villainess


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Yoknapa, a world-famous superstar woke up in Bai Yu’s body, a female villain from famous series she had starred in. Heaven granted neither death nor a happy life to her because another person who also was reborn to this dimension was Bai Hua, the kind-hearted and intelligent female protagonist who would take everything from a villain like Bai Yu including the male protagonist, the position of the Empress, or even her life… Now it is time for the villain to take everything back... Fighting with the female protagonist to prevent her own death alone was hard enough, but fate made things even more complicated by bringing her to meet “that person” who made her heart no longer belong to the male protagonist… and when a villain was in love, she could do anything to follow her real red thread. Even though she needed to be a villain in every dimension, she was not going to give up!


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