1 System Fairy Tale

A groan on pain left Soohyun's mouth as she attempted to sit. It felt as if a truck ran over her body last night, and under the white blanket was her naked body. Touching her lips, Soohyun found them swollen and winced at the burning pain.

Judging by her current state and hazy memory, Soohyun could clearly put together what happened last night, and a blush formed on her cheeks. She was extremely responsive last night, and the thought of that bought embarrassment to Soohyun.

She was named as a shameless flirt by her colleagues, and although she was a virgin until last night, she pictured herself to be the one eating up the guys— not the opposite. Not only was she viciously taken advantage of, the male did not bother to stay with her until morning.

However, what did not add up perfectly was how did she share a passionate night with someone after being run down a car. Her sore body proved that she wasn't dreaming currently, but the feeling of her head being split open was also vivid.

Was she suffering from selective amnesia or something similar?

Wrapping the blanket around her body, Soohyun held in the pain and got down the bed whilst several moans of pain left her mouth. The guy had to be a true monster for not sparing a virgin.

Astoundment hit Soohyun when she saw straight and silky, long hair fall down on her bosom. Wasn't her hair supposed to be wavy and shoulder-length? When did they grow out to be this long?

Due to the pain, Soohyun took gradual steps towards the mirror— curious to see how much of a mess she was. With much difficulty, she made her way to the large mirror with a wooden border. Nonetheless, the image she saw in the mirror bought surprise to her.

Porcelain skin, black cat eyes, a slim and straight nose, red plump and full lips, light brown silky, straight hair, an oval face— All this went flawlessly together. Along with a perfectly proportioned body, the female appeared to be beautiful yet seductive— capable of enticing a male.

But this was not what Soohyun looked like. She was not this alluring beauty. Although mirrors don't lie, Soohyun was well-aware of how she looked like unless she went through plastic surgery without her remembering about it.

"Welcome host 001!" A cheerful voice spoke out into her ear, surprising Soohyun.

Staring around her, Soohyun could not find the source of the voice and therefore, deemed it as her imagination. Waking up in a stranger's bed after an accident, seeing an unknown female in place of her in the mirror, and now, hearing voices— she must really be losing her mind.

"I'm here, host 001!" The same voice exclaimed, causing Soohyun to look around. "I'm inside your mind, host 001."

This made Soohyun stop with her actions, and a frown formed on her features. Creases appeared between both of her eyebrows, and one could easily see the confusion present in her eyes.

Her current situation was something Soohyun couldn't puzzle out, and dealing with something that she couldn't figure out frustrated Soohyun to great ends.

"What are you doing inside my mind?" Soohyun questioned.

Although what she did would be considered illogical in her book, her situation now compelled her to do so. If the voice in her head could provide her with answers, then she should definitely take advantage of the situation.

"I'm System Fairy Tale, and you're the first host, Host 001. If you're preferred to be called by something else, then I can change your nickname. You're one of the selected few, and therefore, after that accident of yours, you've transmigrated to this world inside the novel you've recently read, The CEO and the pauper."

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