7 Promise to oneself

In his entire previous life, Shams felt weak and helpless due to the condition that they were in.

Being poor and living around a land fill with congested damp site, it was never a great life.

What made it bearable for Shams to live and look forward for the future, was his parents. The hope that someday there will be an opportunity for him and his parents.

Even though they were poor, Shams always made sure that he will always make his parents happy and serve them as a sense of gratitude and love towards them.

When he was little, he had health problems and always the cause of problems for his parents because of his weak stature. He felt the limitless concern and sacrifices of his parents when he was still a child. That's why growing up, he wanted to repay his parents' sacrifices and kindness.

To such point, he never got married and only revolved his world around his parents.

While they are getting closer to their destination, Shams was pondering on his previous life once again.

'Life could be so cruel sometimes… My parents suffered too much in their life and it ended in a painful way. They lived struggling in their entire life despite their hard work. Still, they suffered to the bitter end. So with this new life I have been blessed with, I promise to become stronger and will seize the moment of success for myself.' Suddenly Shams clenched his fist and his eyes were filled with passion.

'I will become the strongest and will no longer be weak!' Shams promised to himself and placed his clenched fist near to his chest.

He is not aware that Maya and Reema were observing him.

And He kept contemplating the promises he wants to keep for himself.

Forgetting that there are other people with him. He kept making firm gestures with so much conviction and fire in his eyes.



"Reema, are we sure that little Ryoku is just 2 years old?" Maya whispered to Reema while Shams was so engrossed in his thoughts.

"Yes, that's what Master Wushu said! I must admit, he is really a unique child." Reema replied Maya regarding with her query.

Both are trying to hide their wonder beneath their smiles.

Actions of Shams that they have been noticing lately are indeed unusual for someone like his age.

[1] Being able to talk fluently.

[2] Reading with high comprehension.

[3] Interest in complicated theories and history which child in his age will not be able to grasp at all.

Watching and observing Shams making passionate hand gestures with a lot of conviction in his eyes makes them wonder how unique Shams can be.

"We are here guys! Get down already so we can finish our errands quickly." Feilong announced to his junior and younger companions.

"Come, Ryoku! We have to get down now." Reema took Shams into her arms.

While Maya woke her friend up, "Billy! We have arrived already. Get your ass moving…"

Still to no avail, Billy is still asleep.

Maya suddenly thought of something may work in waking up her friend.

"Oh my God! Jora's noodles and grilled chicken feet are sold out."

In an instant after Maya uttered her last statement, Billy woke up. "Whhhaaatt !!! We need to hurry…"

Billy's face was clearly still half-awake but the thought that Jora's noodles are sold out, it made him wake up from his slumber.

"Finally! Get the other things and let's start moving." Maya's direct command at her groggy friend.

"Maya, here get hold of little Ryoku. We will meet here in the same spot after buying everything you need. You three will be assigned in buying potatoes. While Feilong and I will do our own specific errands from Master Wushu. Do you all understand?" Reema instructing the younger ones to be responsible with their own itinerary and with their meet-up plan.

Altogether they said, "Yes!"

As they walk by the entrance of the town, Shams was held by Maya while Billy carries an empty bag that looked like a sack.

Everyone seemed busy with their own transaction and business.

Shams gasped in his amusement.

It confirmed his theory that technology in this world is different from the previous life he lived in.

There are no televisions, cellular phones nor radio he could see around.

The structure and architecture of the buildings are mixture of Asian design.

'We may be poor but I have seen in magazines and newspaper the images of an Asian architecture. There are so many similarities.' Thought by Shams while his eyes are wandering around in his discovery.

'Then there is this reminiscent vibe with the clothing of people around.' Shams further contemplated as he kept himself amazed with the things he is seeing.

Only in pictures of recycled magazines and newspaper that Shams see these things.

Living previously as a garbage collector and part-time janitor, this kind of stuff gives so much amusement for Shams.

He could see that there are some who were kimonos.

Some wearing with strange steel plated armor patrolling around.

But it made Shams realize something while being carried by Maya.

'Looks like even in this world there are still inequality and different social status.' Shams uttered to himself.

Maya asked Shams after he kept asking for her attention, "What's wrong little Ryoku?"

Then he pointed at something…

Billy even looked at the direction where Shams was pointing.

A woman wearing a very luxurious kimono is hitting her servant with the umbrella she is holding.

"I told you to hold it properly and not let a single ray of sunlight hit my skin, you worthless shit!" the woman publicly shaming her own servant.

From a distance, Maya and Billy could only empathize with the servant.

"That's a noble woman from the Jade Clan, look at that emerald band on her wrist. Noble Clans can easily be spotted with a color band and tattoo on their wrist." Maya explaining to Shams who is apparently new to a lot of things.

Before leaving to continue their errand, both Billy and Maya heaved a deep sigh for the servant as they sympathize for the poor man.

On the other hand, Shams imprinted the face of the woman in his mind.

'Pray to the stars bitch! Because if our path meets again, I will give you a taste of embarrassment.' Shams declared to himself.

A promise to oneself…

That he will no longer act weak towards others and will become stronger for those who are in need and the people he cares for.


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