3 Restarting my life

Throughout school holiday, I improved tremendously in my academics due to my home teacher's help. Now, I can compete with the best students in my class.

Apart from academics, I also began to learn self defence. It would be absurd for the heiress of a renowned mafia family to be defenseless. My grandpa became by trainer. I improved my body greatly and have acquired good survival skills.

During the two months break, I learnt how to climb rocks and swim. My grandpa and I travelled to Colombia for my training. My family had a secret training camp in Bogotá. There, I joined the family's shadow forces.

The Blade's shadow force was in charge of execution and extermination. They were assassins. I wanted to be a great assassin. The duration for the training was two years. I hoped that by the time I was eighteen, I would graduate as the best shadow student to become a shadow master.

I continued to train while improving iny academics and soon enough, the changes were evident. School was supposed to resume in a week time so I requested leave from the shadow teacher to go back to America.

When I arrived in America, I went straight to my mum. I had thought there would be a significant change in her condition but unfortunately, there was none. I promised her that I would rise to the top.

I went back home and began to make preparations for school. I would no longer be that Lilith that would cower in fear and let others trample on me. I would do this for me and for the Lilith whose body I am currently in. I would rise to be a renowned mafia boss and trample on those who caused me and my new family so much sorrow.

Three days to school, Richardo visited. He was my best friend. Richardo and I had been best friends since kindergarten. He was a very responsible person. In fact, he was a genius. Richardo had won several state and national awards. He was also a food sportsman.

"Hey, Lily baby what's up?"

"And who do you think you're calling baby,huh?"

From the expression on his face, I could see he was pleasantly shocked and so he told me "Didn't you want to be called that"

"Nah, not anymore. I've changed for the better"

"Whoa, that's a relief".

When I heard that, I began to question him. I asked him about how he saw my previous lifestyle and for the first time, I heard something different. He had told me he didn't like the way I was living but he didn't do anything about it because he taught it was best to let me live my life. He also said he had mentioned it to me before but I refused to listen to him.

When I told him about my plan, he was ecstatic. He offered to teach me basketball which I gladly wanted to learn. We soon came up with a schedule.

We chatted while we walked to the basketball court. It was rather empty because it was noon. My first lesson that was was how to bounce the ball while running. After trying for a few times, I got a hang of it.

After that, I learnt how to pass the ball fr one hand to another while bouncing. The skill was real hard work. I didn't manage to complete it before Richardo left. I swore that I was going to learn it that day and so I began.

Bouncing and running and soon I began to sweat. I still hadn't gotten it. I tried for a long time until it was night before I got it. After learning the skill, I proceed to begin my training.

Richie and I continued my training throughout the week. I also continued to receive lessons from my home teacher and take training from my grandpa. The day before resumption, I decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood because I hadn't done it in a long time.

That was when I decided to have a change of fashion sense. Previously, I liked heavy metal. I had drawn tattoos on almost every part of my body and even had piercings. There was never a day that I had a normal hair colour as my hair was always dyed. If it wasn't red, it was green or orange and sometimes I mixed the colours.

I had never worn my school uniform correctly as I went to school with high heels and didn't button up my shirt. Sometimes, I went to school in mufti. There was never a day I didn't receive punishment. Even the school principal was tired of me. If it wasn't that my mother was a major shareholder in the school I sure I would have been expelled.

I decided to go to the mall to change my wardrobe and the tatoo shop to have my tattoos and piercings removed.

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