4 Restarting my life 2

At the mall, I decided to choose simple clothing. With my gold card, I shopped for various shirts and trousers. I was never a fan of gowns but I decided to buy dinner gowns just for the sake of it. I bought sneakers and boots, heels and hats, glasses and gloves. (I even bought lingeries *wink*).

After a thorough change of clothing, I proceeded to buy new jewelry. I bought simple gold and diamond necklaces. I fell in love with a necklace ilembedded with a ruby stone. It was made of silver and had the ruby as its pendant. It was like a silver strand. The ruby stone was in the shape of amsterdan.

I was feeling very satisfied with my shopping and so I proceeded to the tattoo shop. Luckily, I got temporary tats so I asked for it to be removed. As much as I missed my tats, I couldn't afford to wear them because they were too heavy and students weren't allowed to wear them. Although that didn't stop me from getting an amsterdan (&) tattoo on my wrist. It signified my mother and I.

After removing the tattoos, I went home. No one was home and so I proceeded to rearrange my wardrobe. I removed the old clothes and added the new ones. I also removed the heavy jewelry in my dressing table drawer and added the new ones although I didn't remove the watches because I loved them.

After that, I freshened up and decided to wear one of my new clothes. I wore a pair of blue jeans and a white long sleeved shirt. The shirt was an off shoulder and was fluffy at the end. I paired it up with my gold Rolex watch and a pair of white sneakers. I wore a simple gold chain and a small obsidian type of earring. That was when I realised my hair didn't match with my dressing and so I went to the saloon.

At the saloon, I decided on a shoulder length bob. The green dye was removed and my blonde hair was evident.

Finally I was dressed properly. I was satisfied with the way I was looking so I proceeded to walk down the street. I could see that many people, mostly my former friends didn't recognize me. I didn't bother to greet them because I knew that they would hinder my progress.

Before I knew it, I was in another part of the neighbourhood. I hadn't seen this place before. It even had a basketball court. Two teams of guys were having a match so I sat down and began to watch. I could see they were professionals and I wanted to learn from them.

Soon enough, the match ended. I wanted to meet the coach of the winning team but he was talking to his players and so I waited. I could see that his players were talented and so I wanted permission to join their training. Richie couldn't be there all the time as he was learning his father's business.

One of the players came up to me. His name was Adonis. Such a name huh, his parents really wanted him to be narcissistic. I replied that I was Lilith. He complimented me and I replied the usual "Thanks". I began to evaluate him.

He was exactly 6'0 tall and oof a very nice build. He was slightly muscular but very handsome. He has black eyes and slightly thick eyebrows. His skin was very fair and his jaw was chiseled.

We talked for a long while before exchanging numbers and parting ways. I went to meet the coach. He told me his name was Coach Brown. Luckily, he agreed for me to join his training.

I felt very happy and couldn't wait for school to resume tomorrow. Adonis and I chatted for a long time at night. In fact, we chatted till morning. I also talked to Richie. You could say that most of my friends were boys but then, what do you expect??

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