2 I am someone else

She got the shock of her life. The person in the mirror was definitely not her. Her reflection showed a 5'8 tall lady with blonde hair and green eyes. The lady was about sixteen years of age and extremely beautiful.

Lucky for her, she quickly discovered that she died in the accident and was transmigrated into another girls body. She had read manga books from her best friend about transmigration but didn't know it actually existed. She hoped that she wasn't one of those MC that had to work hard to get to the top. She wanted an extremely rich daddy and no siblings and she was hoping to be an heiress.

While she was thinking, she felt a sharp pain in her head and began to feel dizzy. She made her way back to the bed and fell. The memories of the body began to flood her brain.

She discovered she was definitely an heiress but unfortunately, she didn't have a daddy to dote on her as she was the product of a fling. She was raised by her mum.

Lilith Blade was the only daughter of Diana Blade, the Blade mafia family head. Their mafia family was over centuries old. They controlled weapons distribution of Asia. Over the years, her family had degraded from a super family to a high class family. There were super, high class, middle class and low class families. Even their control over Asia has began to decline as one European mafia family was taking over their land and power.

Lilith only made matters worse. Instead of helping the family, she bore a grudge against her mother. She hated the fact that she was called a bastard but her mother refuse to tell her who her father was. Therefore she decided to go on a life long goal to destroy her mother.

Intact, her mother was now lying on the sick bed because of her. She had intercepted her mother's mission, causing her to take a severe hit and was now comatose. She was almost expelled from the family but was only spared because she was the only one with the family lineage left.

She had run away from home so how was she here. It didn't matter how she got here because now she finally had a family of her own and was no orphan nor adopted child. She would fight to the end to bring her family back to the top. Let the world wait for her.

She went to her grandfather. " Gramps, I want a home lesson teacher". She knew her grandpa would be surprised but she didn't expect him to be this surprised. He even gave her a ridiculous answer.."Lilith, did the fall from the motor bike cause your brain to malfunction? ".

So she had a motorbike accident. No wonder she ended up at home.

" No, I really want to study. I want to make mother proud of me when she wakes up. Moreover, you are too old to rule the family now. I only need two years. When I'm eighteen, I'll take over".

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