180 The Little Mute Actually Made Something of Himself?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Although she left early, she was still recognized when she came out. After recognizing her, someone gave Little Bei a bun without hesitation and told her she should not starve.

This bun made everyone look at her, and then she was recognized again. Everyone recognized Xiao Jiu. Little Bei was stuffed with a sweet potato and a small bunch of peanuts and was again told that she should not go hungry.

Since Little Bei had acted pitifully in the movie, everyone associated her role in the movie with reality. When they saw Little Bei, their hearts ached for her, and they wanted to give her something.

Little Bei said that she wasn't hungry and wanted to return it all, but she couldn't catch up to them.

"Mommy, what should we do?" In the end, she asked Mu Jingzhe what to do while holding the food in her hands. Her little face was filled with confusion and indescribable excitement. "Mommy, I feel strange. I'm very happy but I also feel strange.."

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