67 Sugar-Coated Bomb

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"Sorry to trouble you again."

"It's no trouble." Tang Moling listened to them as he drove. Halfway through, he asked Mu Jingzhe to help him look for something.

Mu Jingzhe accidentally found a pearl bracelet as she rummaged through the items.

Tang Moling glanced at it and casually said, "This is a pearl bracelet. Take it if you like it."

Though he might look nonchalant on the surface, he was actually carefully observing Mu Jingzhe's expression in the mirror.

He was doing that on purpose. He had decided to work harder to uncover her true colors, so while buying Mu Xue a pearl necklace, he'd thought of Mu Jingzhe and bought this bracelet as well.


The pearls on this bracelet were much smaller than those on the other necklace and weren't worth much, but to someone of Mu Jingzhe's status, this was already a rare item.

She would definitely fall for it if she was short-sighted.

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