66 Strange Disgust

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Because she despised Xiao Wu, Shao Qiyun wasn't even willing to go home. Of course, this might just be an excuse, but Zhao Lan often used this as an excuse to scold Xiao Wu.

As a daughter Zhao Lan had given birth to in later years, Shao Qiyun had always been very favored. She hadn't expected Mu Jingzhe to dare treat her like this.

"Mu Jingzhe, have you eaten a bear's heart or a leopard's gall? How dare you treat me like this when you so eagerly married into my family? Shouldn't you feel ashamed?"

"Why should I be ashamed? You're the one making a fuss in my house. You're the one who has eaten a bear's heart or a leopard's gall. How dare you hit Xiao Wu!"

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Shao Qiyun hadn't expected Mu Jingzhe to be so shrewish. She glared at Shao Zhong. "So what if I hit him? Who asked him to suddenly come over and scare me?"

Shao Zhong was so frightened by her glare that he involuntarily called Mu Jingzhe 'Mommy' and asked for help.

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