15 She Could Even Drive a Mini-Bus

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Tang Moling instantly relaxed. So what if he'd lent her the car? They couldn't drive it anyway, so it had all been for nothing.

The frustration in his heart finally dissipated a little. He smiled and handed the car keys to Mu Jingzhe.

He waited for Mu Jingzhe and Shao Qiyang to realize this and look troubled. He thought that they would plead with him to help them drive and he would then reject them with the excuse that he was busy.

It couldn't be helped, as he didn't have the time.

With no driver, the car would be borrowed for no reason.

In the end, he'd still win.

Tang Moling's face lit up.

Mu Jingzhe didn't know why Tang Moling was suddenly so happy again, but he was smiling like a cat that had stolen a fish.

She could care less about his sudden mood change. After getting the car keys, she thanked him and got in the car.

"Get in quickly."

Mu Jingzhe started the car and urged Shao Qiyang to get in.

Shao Qiyang was stunned for a moment before he got in the car.

Tang Moling finally reacted and briskly strode over to stop Mu Jingzhe. "You know how to drive?"

Upon hearing this, Mu Jingzhe relaxed. "I do."

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She thought Tang Moling had regretted it and almost hit him.

Of course she knew how to drive. She had been a veteran driver for many years.

She just had to familiarize herself with switching from automatic to manual. In fact, she could even drive a mini-bus.

Tang Moling: "…"

You know how to drive?

Even you know how to drive?

Tang Moling didn't believe her at all.

Even Mu Xue didn't know how to drive. How could she know how to do it?

In this day and age, besides people who had a car at home or specifically learned to drive, very few people knew how to drive.

Tang Moling still liked his car very much and couldn't bear to let the boasting Mu Jingzhe do anything to it. However, he looked at Mu Jingzhe's hand and didn't say anything. "It's good that you know how to drive. Remember not to bump into things, or you'll have to take responsibility."

I'll make you go bankrupt by paying for the damage.

Mu Jingzhe nodded solemnly. "I know. I'll be careful. We'll leave now. I'll return the car to you when we get back."

Mu Jingzhe glanced at Shao Qiyang. "Fasten your seatbelt."

Under Tang Moling's disbelieving gaze and Shao Qiyang's suspicious gaze, Mu Jingzhe started the car and drove away.

Although she seemed not very used to the car at first, she quickly sped up and disappeared from sight.


Tang Moling could not believe it.

She really knew how to drive?

Tang Moling finally reacted. "My stuff."

His belongings, wallet, and other important things were still in the car.

Tang Moling spat and chased after them.

He had to catch up to the car.

After some delay, he drove another ordinary car over.

He was a good driver and he was fast. He thought that he would catch up to Mu Jingzhe soon, but he never managed to.

The more Tang Moling chased after her, the more anxious he became. He even suspected that Mu Jingzhe had deliberately tricked him so that she could sell his car and she wasn't really looking for the child.

In the car in front of him, Shao Qiyang was almost scared to death.

"That's… That's fast, isn't it?"

"Don't worry." Mu Jingzhe looked ahead and comforted Shao Qiyang.

How could Shao Qiyang not worry? She was driving very fast, and the person at the wheel was worrisome Mu Jingzhe. His heart almost jumped out of his chest.

However, as time passed, he gradually relaxed.

This was because Mu Jingzhe was a very steady driver. Although her speed was very fast, she was becoming increasingly more proficient and steadier.

Judging by her expression, she seemed to have everything under control.

At first, Shao Qiyang kept looking at Mu Jingzhe because he was worried. Later on, before he could react, his mental state and gaze changed.

It was the first time he had seen a girl drive.

There was an indescribable feeling in his heart.

Because he was worried about Little Bei, he quickly forgot about this strange feeling.

After driving for more than two hours, they finally arrived at the neighboring county city.

Without a navigation system, they could only look at the road signs and ask passersby how to head to their destination.

They had the name of the family that had taken Little Bei away. They were very lucky to find someone who knew them, and that person even gave them their address.

Unfortunately, there was a problem. That family had two residences and lived in both places. They didn't know which place they were currently at.

As it turned out, the two places weren't even close.

Time was of the essence. In the end, they decided to split up.

The result proved that this method was good. If they hadn't split up and Mu Jingzhe had gone with him to check, they might have missed the family.

When Mu Jingzhe arrived, they were packing their luggage and preparing to leave.

Mu Jingzhe had never seen them before and wasn't sure about the car plate number, so she confirmed their identities after getting out of the car.

Unexpectedly, the female owner of the house was especially vigilant.

"Who are you? What do you want?"

"I'm Mu Jingzhe. I would like to know if you guys adopted a little girl called Little Bei yesterday…"


The woman denied it at once, then ran back and locked the door.


Mu Jingzhe felt that her attitude was very suspicious, so she was probably right.

She ran after her, but the door was closed and the woman ignored her.

However, Mu Jingzhe heard an abnormal sound coming from inside.

"Open the door now. That child was stolen by her grandmother on purpose. We didn't mean to send her away. If you really want to adopt a girl, you can find another one…"

Mu Jingzhe knocked on the door and pleaded. She had qualms, as Little Bei was in their hands.

In the house…

"Why is someone here? Didn't they say that her parents were gone?" The male owner locked a metal door with an unhappy expression.

They had heard that her biological parents were gone and she only had a stepmother. The child had been personally sent here by her grandmother, and they'd only adopted her because she was cute and pretty. They hadn't expected that someone would chase after them.

The woman was a little flustered. "I don't know either. What should we do now?"

"Are you sure she's alone?"

"Yes. She's driving, but she's alone."

"Driving?" How could an ordinary person drive?

"Right. She drove here, but I don't think the car is hers. Her clothes are dirty, and there is a hole in her shoe."

The woman had a pair of sharp eyes and had noticed a lot with just one look.

She'd noticed that Mu Jingzhe's shoes had become tattered while she'd been looking for Little Bei.

Upon hearing this, the man relaxed a little.

"Hurry up and open the door. If you don't, I'll break it."

Hearing that Mu Jingzhe's movements were getting louder and louder outside, the man quickly opened the door, afraid that the neighbors would get suspicious.

"What? Robbery!" he declared ferociously.

After confirming that Mu Jingzhe was alone, he relaxed.

Even if she caught up with them, they wouldn't be afraid of a woman.

"We're not giving Little Bei away to another family anymore. Please return her to me. I will compensate you for the monetary losses incurred during these two days."

Mu Jingzhe got straight to the point.

"I don't know what you're talking about. Little Bei, Little Dong… We don't know what you are talking about."

The man was impatient and wanted to close the door.

However… he couldn't close it.

Mu Jingzhe blocked the door with one hand.

The man used all his strength but couldn't close it.

There was a coldness in the depths of Mu Jingzhe's eyes. She pushed the door open with force and looked at the man, who was almost pushed down.

"If you don't know what I'm saying, then tell me something else… Where did this hair ornament come from?"

Mu Jingzhe pointed at a little girl wearing a dress not far away. The little girl seemed to have just woken up and was rubbing her eyes with an unhappy expression. On her head was Little Bei's hair clip.

Mu Jingzhe wouldn't mistake it for anything else, as it was the unique hair clip she had made for Little Bei. There was even Little Bei's name on it.

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