81 Scared

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Shao Dong touched his nose upon hearing Shao Xi's accusation. For the first time, he felt a little guilty. However, he still said, "I just feel that I have to make things clear for you guys. Don't you know that we should grieve first and rejoice later?"

Could 'grieve first and rejoice later' even be applied in such a situation? No one spoke for a moment.

Mu Jingzhe didn't know that the children had already made all those arrangements for her. Moreover, it was very forward of them to think that she would get married and have her own children.

This was truly 'farsighted' of them.

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She was coaxing Little Bei to sleep, but Little Bei insisted on hugging her arm before sleeping. She even refused to sleep and kept staring at her, saying that she wanted to look at her face because she had missed her so much previously.

The little girl was so sweet that Mu Jingzhe felt her heart brimming with sweetness.

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