61 Surprised? Surprised?

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Su Xiyin had just helped Ling Sheng sit down when she heard her son bellowing and pointed at him to reprimand him. "Why are you being so fierce? You're really fierce to Mummy. Look at you, you scared Sheng Sheng."

It was only then that she realized what her son had just said. Her beautiful eyes widened, and her voice started trembling. "What did you just say? Who do you think Sheng Sheng is?"

"Your biological granddaughter!" Huo Ci spoke casually, his smile extremely forced. "Mother, that was nice of me. You have a granddaughter now, and I even brought you a great-grandson."

Did she feel surprised?

Was she surprised?

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Su Xiyin's vision darkened and her body swayed.

Huo Ci's handsome face paled in fright. He hurried forward to help her up. "Mother, you may be happy, but don't faint. Father will skin me alive."

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