60 She's Your Granddaughter!

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Huo Ci had no idea that a drunken woman would be so hard to deal with.

"Huo Ci, you old scumbag." Ling Sheng hugged his thigh and pouted, her eyes teary as she looked up at him grievously. "Why don't you like me? Am I not pretty, cute, gentle, generous, lady-like, outstanding, sexy, considerate, and smart?"

Huo Ci's face was cold as he gritted his teeth and pointed at her. "Get up! What do you think you look like now?"

"Why do you dislike me and Xiaoqi? I'm your daughter!" Ling Sheng felt increasingly more grievous, and her voice was on the verge of breaking down.

Her innately gorgeous face and the grievous look she gave him could break one's heart.

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That was fine with him, but if she had this look in front of other men, how many of them would be able to control their desire?

He was reminded of the fact that she had spent time with Jun Shiyan just now. Enraged, he growled. "Get up!"

Her state then changed.

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