62 Clueless Double Standards!

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Ling Sheng grinned innocently, her sparkling eyes glowing.

Ling Xiaoqi remained silent. He pursed his lips and lowered his head, secretly taking a few glances. Then, he held Mummy's hand tightly and smiled in secret.

Huo Ci jumped up after being hit twice, his handsome face ashen. "Mother, I'm already old enough. Can you let me save some face?"

"Since you know how to save face, you better speak nicely." Su Xiyin put away the feather duster angrily. "You also know you're not a child. Look at what you've done."

Huo Ci muttered unhappily, "Since when is this my fault?"

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"You…" Su Xiyin raised her feather duster. "How dare you talk back to me!"

Huo Ci quickly corrected himself. "I wouldn't dare, I wouldn't dare."

Ling Sheng picked up her son and watched the commotion, not daring to laugh too arrogantly.

Oh my, it was so much fun. He had chickened out.

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