1 Chapter One

"Wake up." she heard a voice.

Ye Ruo Lan opened her eyes and saw herself in a dark room. The last thing she remembered was going off to bed after reading a popular novel. She was forced to read this book by her friend after discovering the villainess of the book had the same name as her.

"Ye Ruo Lan." a sweet and soothing voice called her name.

She looked around but could only see darkness.

"Ye Ruo Lan." the voice called her again.

"Who are you?" Ye Ruo Lan asked.

As soon as she asked that question a beautiful girl dressed in white stood in front of her. The girl had long black hair that reached her waist, her eyes were purple which was unusual for eye colour. Her fair skin was shinning and her skinny figure made it look like she was a weak girl, her rosy lips were in the shape of a heart. Ye Ruo Lan had never seen anyone so beautiful.

"Hello." the girl greeted.

"Hi." Ye Ruo Lan greeted back. "Who are you? Why am I here?"

"I am Ye Ruo Lan." the girl replied.

Ye Ruo Lan was confused. The girl and she has the same name.

"I am Ye Ruo Lan, but from a different world. The book that you read before sleeping. I am from that book." she said.

"Is this some hidden camera prank?" she asked coldly. She was not in a mood for some prank.


"Then why am I here?"

The girl just smiled sadly, "I am dead in my real world and you are dead in yours."

"What?" Ye Ruo Lan snapped. She was not dead, she had just slept and this was just a dream.

"Yes, we both are dead. I can not return to my world, so I chose you to take my place." the girl replied with a smile.

"Your parents abandoned you when you were just 2 and then you were taken to a research centre and experimented on, you were their Guinea Pig, but then you ran away from the centre at the age of 13 and started working for a mercenary."

Ye Ruo Lan did not say a thing and just stayed calm. This all looked too real to be a dream and what the girl just said was true.

"Why do you want me?" she asked.

"That is because you and I are both misunderstood. People think we are evil but that is because they just know one side of the story." the girl sneered.

Ye Ruo Lan was now sure that this was not a dream nor a hallucination. This was real and as it was real she knew one thing, this girl wanted something from her.

"What do you want?" she glared.

The girl smirked, "You are smart, aren't you?"

"But, I don't want anything in return. My soul is dying so I thought that if I die at least might die doing something good."

Ye Ruo Lan did not believe her. She knew there was no such thing as free lunch.

"Now, you should go." The girl poked her forehead and pushed her.

Before losing her consciousness the girl say, "Survive"

. . .


"Do whatever you have to do to save the princess." said the old woman in her late 60s. She had skin soft like a baby, wrinkles at the side of her eyes. Her grey hair was tied to a bun with a jade pin holding it.

She had worn a blue elegant hanfu with a golden vermillion bird design. She passed a noble aura whenever someone saw her and why wouldn't she? She was the Empress Dowager of China. Though it was already a democratic country, the Imperial family played a major role in the government.

"The Princess is in a coma. If she does not wake up in the next 12 hours, she can be considered brain dead." The Doctors said.

"Are you trying to say that my granddaughter will be considered dead if she does not wake up in the next 12 hours?" Empress Dowager asked furiously.

"That. . . is true . . . This is a kind of poison we had never seen. We tried everything." the Doctor replied nervously.

It was true. They had tried everything since two days ago. Neither the Guardians nor anyone knew what poison had they used, not did they know how that poison got in her body.

They had sent her away to be safe but it wasn't safe even after they sent her away.

"Call the Princes and the Emperor as well as The Princess' father and the 5 Guardians." Empress Dowager ordered.