Transmigrated: Patrick's Marvel Adventure

After being mysteriously transmigrated into the world of Marvel, Patrick finds himself amidst the chaos of the battle between the Avengers and the Chitauri Army, led by the menacing Loki. As he struggles to understand his new reality, he discovers three cards in his possession, each containing the abilities of powerful characters from different movies and anime. In the midst of epic battles and earth-shattering confrontations, Patrick must navigate his way through the conflicts and challenges of the Marvel universe, all while coming to terms with his newfound abilities and the impact he can have on the world around him. With the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, Patrick's choices will shape the course of history and determine the ultimate outcome of the battle between good and evil. Moreover, he is also presented with the opportunity to travel to multiple worlds, each holding its own unique challenges and adversities. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This will be an AU MCU. Moroeover the story won't change much till the plot of the 'Age of Ultron' movie. Consider yourself warned. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I own nothing except the main character of the book. The Marvel Universe and the upcoming worlds to which the MC would travel to belong to their respective creators. Also the cover page is not mine. If the owner of the cover page wants it to be taken down, then it can be done. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For 5+ advance chapters visit my patreon. patreon.com/StoryTeller229

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3. Participating

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Letting the black cube re-enter his body, Patrick once again approached the balcony doors and after glancing at the blue portal in the sky, he looked down.

He was currently on the tenth floor of the building, which was dangerously close to the portal. Fortunately, the building he was standing on hadn't yet been targeted by the huge Leviathan. However, he could see the smaller aliens from the army slowly climbing and entering the building, looking for signs of people.

Without hesitation, Patrick focused his thoughts on channeling his abilities. In an instant, his body was enveloped in glimmering light and he leaped out of the balcony with blinding speed. His movements were so swift that they left a trail of light behind, and in mere moments, he reached the streets below, landing with unparalleled grace and ease. As he touched down, the light around him dissipated, leaving him standing in the midst of the bustling city.

Looking at the situation he understood that not much time had passed since the portal was opened as not much destruction was caused to the city yet.

Suddenly his observation Haki caught fifteen aliens storming in his direction.

'Lets try my abilities on the coming guinea pigs,' Patrick smiled.

Patrick's eyes narrowed as he focused his Haki, allowing him to sense the impending attacks of the Chitauri with a heightened awareness. As the Chitauri aliens charged towards him, their intentions filled with malice and aggression, Patrick readied himself.

As the first alien lunged at him with a deadly weapon, Patrick simply let the attack pass through him as if he were nothing but a shimmering illusion. In response, he unleashed a blinding burst of light, piercing through the alien's armor and engulfing it in a radiant explosion. The energy of his attack disintegrated the alien, leaving nothing but a smoldering pile of ash in its wake.

The other Chitauri aliens hesitated for a moment, realizing that their conventional weapons were useless against Patrick's Logia abilities. With an expression full of enjoyment, he danced between them, effortlessly dodging their attacks and striking back with beams of light that tore through their ranks.

The city echoed with the sounds of battle as Patrick moved with a fluid grace, his every movement a blur of light and unfathomable speed. The Chitauri aliens were no match for his overwhelming power, their weapons and armor proving futile against his intangible form. In a matter of moments, he had decimated their forces, leaving a trail of luminous destruction in his wake.

But Patrick's power was not just about destruction; it was also about precision. With a flicker of his hand, he sent concentrated beams of light slicing through the air, targeting the aliens' crucial weak points with deadly accuracy. The Chitauri found themselves outmaneuvered, unable to anticipate or counter his swift and devastating assaults.

In no time all the fifteent Chitauri aliens were decimated.

Patrick extended his Observation Haki to encompass his surroundings to search for the Avengers.

As Patrick extended his Observation Haki to encompass his surroundings, he quickly spotted Natasha, Steve, and Tony fighting off a group of Chitauri aliens in a nearby street. Without a moment to lose, he dashed towards them, his speed enhanced by his incredible power. With each step, he effortlessly decimated any Chitauri alien that dared to cross his path, his precise and deadly beams of light leaving nothing but dust in their wake.

[Insert Picture of Natasha, Cap and Tony]

As he neared the Avengers, he could see Natasha's expert hand-to-hand combat skills as she swiftly took down multiple aliens with her electrifying agility. Steve's shield was a blur of red, white, and blue, deflecting the alien's attacks with unwavering precision. And Tony's Iron Man suit glowed with a brilliant intensity as he unleashed a barrage of repulsor blasts, effectively holding off the relentless onslaught.

The numbers of the aliens attacking them dwindled quickly and Tony landed the last blow as he destroyed the aliens using his repulsors.

As they were about to rush towards the next location, they saw Patrick who was standing few metres away from them.

Tony, Steve, and Natasha were taken aback as they observed Patrick standing calmly amidst the chaos, a serene expression on his face as he watched them. They exchanged puzzled looks, wondering how a seemingly ordinary human could remain so composed in the midst of a battle against the Chitauri. Little did they know, Patrick was far from ordinary.

As the three Avengers approached him cautiously, Tony couldn't help but voice his surprise, "What are you doing here, kid? The cops had already evacuated the people near the portal. Don't tell me, you slept all the way through the chaos."

Patrick frowned at Tony's tone but did not offer an immediate response, instead turning his attention towards the sky. It was then that they noticed the immense Leviathan hurtling towards them, its menacing form casting a shadow over the battlefield. A man seemed to be flying near the Leviathan trying his best to injure and deviate it's path, but Thor was constantly being surrounded and attacked by more than hundred Chitauri aliens, he was unable to stop the Leviathan from approaching their direction.

"F*ck Thor is surrounded. I will try to change the huge guy's path," Tony spoke as he got ready to fly towards the Leviathan.

"No need for that," Patrick muttered not giving Steve the chance to speak his one of the famous line in the movie.

"Really? And what are you going to do, throw some stones at it?" Tony muttered, oblivious to the fact that Patrick was not a normal guy. He seemed to think that Patrick was just a normal person.

"Hey, Natasha, take this kid to the safe place where the people have gathered. I'll handle this." Tony put on the helmet and as he was about to fly, the group was once again surrounded by huge number of aliens.

Tony and Captain fought fiercely against the aliens, darting and weaving through the chaos as they tried to move away from the range of the Leviathan. Natasha, on the other hand, focused on protecting Patrick and escorting him to the safe place where other civilians were gathered.

But Patrick refused to be taken to safety, his determination shining through as he summoned his Glint Glint Fruit powers.

With a brilliant flash of light, he began to manifest a shimmering, ethereal sword in his hand. The blade increased in length and width within a second, it became larger then then the Leviathan's head.

As the Leviathan loomed closer, Patrick's smile remained, unwavering in the face of the imminent danger. He suddenly disappeared from between the Avengers and appeared at the side of the Leviathan in the air.

Natasha was too shocked to react to such a situation as something completely unbelievable had happened before her eyes. Still she quickly tried to calm himself down as she defended a sneak attack from one of the aliens and unwillingly got engaged into the fight.

Meanwhile in the air, in one swift and fluid motion, Patrick swung his luminous sword, the blade slicing through the air with unparalleled speed and precision. The light seemed to bend and warp around the weapon, forming a scintillating arc that struck the Leviathan with unyielding force.

As the blade made contact, it sliced through the Armoured Leviathan's huge head with a resounding clash, causing a shockwave to ripple through the air. The creature let out a deafening roar as it writhed in agony, its massive form crashing into the ground below with an earth-shaking impact.

The roars stopped within a second as Patrick had completely cleaved through the head of the Leviathan with the help of his sword. He then quickly approached the aliens that had surrounded the group and in no time he defeated them all.

As the dust settled, Natasha, Steve, and Tony turned to Patrick with a mixture of shock and curiosity. It was clear that he was no ordinary bystander, and they were eager to understand the extent of his abilities.

"Alright, you've got our attention," Tony finally spoke up, eyeing Patrick with a newfound respect, albeit with doubt. "Who are you?"

Patrick's smile widened, the glint of his eyes betraying a sense of excitement.

"My name is Patrick, Patrick Bateman," He introduced himself.


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