11 Chapter 10: Interrogation Part 2


His slowly regaining his consciousness, stretching his body and opening his eyes, the first thing he see is the white ceiling, looking around.

'This is clearly an hospital'

Then the door through the bathroom opened, the person that come out is Naruto, who looked shocked when his eyes landed on him.

"Nii-san" Naruto shrieks running and tackled him.

"Hahahahhah" he laugh hugging Naruto and Naruto hugs him back also laughing, then Naruto stops then checks his body.

"Nii-san are you okay?, your been sleeping for hours, I've been worried" Naruto said looking at him with concern eyes.

"Awwww, im okay, but thanks anyways" he said while smiling and fondly ruffling Naruto's hair.

"Hahahhhaha, of course, im the best" Naruto boasted lifting his chin.

"Yeah, yeah" he wholeheartedly agreed, then they heard an creak sound, they looked behind, they saw Kakashi standing at the door looking at their interaction, especially on him.

"What!?" Naruto questioned while glaring and crossing his arms.

"Maa maa, i was just checking him if his okay" Kakashi said looking at him "are you?" Kakashi questioned facing him with an one eyed smile.


"Yes" he said awkwardly while scratching the back of his head.

"Ohhhhh" Kakashi muttered "Good" Kakashi said still looking at him, and he clearly know the man what's some answers.

And they become quiet again, Naruto is just looking at us confusedly.

(A/N: sorry guys, i didn't have any ideas how to make a good conversion between the two, the MC and Kakashi)

Then the door opened again, Hokage come inside with a blond man.

"Ohhhh, are you okay young man?" Hokage asked looked at him with calculating gaze.

"Yes-" He said before Naruto interrupt

"His okay now Jiji, and can we go now?, it's so boring here" Naruto said

Hokage's eyes twitch looking at Naruto.

"No, he can't leave yet, what about you follow Kitty-san(Anbu with Cat mask)here" Hiruzen smilingly said to Naruto

"Nope, im not going to leave Nii-san alone, what if, what if, someone do something to him, he needs me" Naruto said righteously lifting his little chest while looking at him.

'Ohhh, Naruto' he cried inside and mentally give him an thumbs up.

Hokage's smile twitch.

"Ohhhh, what about you eat ramen with kitty-san, its on me" Hokage said like that would be the trick to distract Naruto, and it really was.

"Yattta ramen" Naruto cheered grabbing the Anbu's hand and their gone.

'Ooohhhh, Naruto' mentally face palming

"So who are you young man?, and why do you look like the dead student of the 4rth" Hokage asked seriously.

"Ummmm, i am her but not her at the same time"

"What do you mean?" Inoichi asked butting in.

"I am Rin, but not this world...."

"What?" Hokage and Inoichi asked confusedly, Kakashi was just standing there processing what i said.

"I mean, im also Rin but in a different universe" he said.






To be continued...









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