Transmigrated Old Fox is; Young Master Shen Wei's Wife. Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Transmigrated Old Fox is; Young Master Shen Wei's Wife.


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(***Mature Content, No Rape***) Zhao  Ting, eighteen-year-old girl,  fell into a set up that was formed destroying her life as the Zhao Princess and which also leads to her death but what happens when a new soul reincarnates in her body? How would her life or fate change ? Follow me as we go through this life-changing stories with many mysteries and tragedies. ****sneak peek***** "Mommy, Mommy that's my one and only ice cream." Shen Bao her daughter whined chasing after her in the living room inside their Mansion in Kashanon Village. Her daughter was chasing her around the sitting room as they ran in circles around the couches. "But... But.. this is mine Shen Bao, you already had yours, this is so unfair." She was already panting and exhausted, she bent down to grasp some breath. Her heart beat raced as her face was flushed, her doe eyes were very clear and beautiful, her dark eyebrows accentuated her facial features very well. She now looked very young and just like a doll, her body had regressed after being sick and frail for so many years, you would think she was Shen Bao's elder sister. " Xiao Bao stop it." Shen Wei walked in from the entrance door, his tone commanding, after seeing her panting heavily, he never wanted her to do anything that could exhaust her. "Dadyyyy... it's her who is eating my ice cream." She whined softly. " I already banned cold snacks inside this house so tell me, how did it get into the house?" Shen Wei narrowed his eyes on her as he approached Zhao Ting who was panting heavily. He picked her up as he went to the couch and sat down placing her on the lap. *****I will begin editing next month from chapter 40 so please do bear with me.*** ****English ain't my first language so I definitely will make lots of errors so please do bear with me.**** *****The cover ain't mine, so if the owner wants me to pull it down please let me**** ******Thank you all for your support***** ************sneak peak***********