Transmigrated Mind

Here I am again, stuck in the darkness of my own room. Surrounded by thoughts that has been plaguing my mind since the day I've decided to drop out of college. Yes, that's me. John Colton. A 28 year old college dropout now leeching off his parents, refusing to make a living on his own. But no, this isn't a story about how useless of a son I am. No... This is the story of the time where I got lost in my mind and got transported to another world. A world where magic and mythical beings exist.

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The First Day

It was a gloomy night as the pitter-patter of raindrops hit the asphalt road. I haven't gotten out of my house for years but for some reason I decided to go out today. Not knowing if it was some sort of divine providence or if I got possessed, but for the first time in a while, I decided to get out and get some fresh air.

I put on a black hoodie, wore some simple jeans and running shoes, and decided to walk around the neighborhood. I went out at night to avoid as much social interaction as possible and went to the nearest convenient store. I didn't know what I was thinking but I was craving some good chocolate ice cream for once and not the cheap ones my parents would buy me.

My family wasn't poor, in fact they're very wealthy. They would just buy the cheapest things of what I want just to get me to move out, but they don't know how persistent I can be. Even my clothes were branded and pretty expensive since they wanted me to give people a good impression of our family, I just haven't worn them that much since I haven't gone out.

I got to the convenience store and bought my favorite brand of chocolate ice cream. As I was walking out, there was this group of delinquent students just hanging around the front of the store having a smoke and chatting. They stopped and stared at me for a moment and began talking among themselves.

'Ah, at least I didn't become like one of them and just became a shut-in.'

I put the hood over my head, trying to avoid eye contact as I walked back home. As I was walking back, the last thing I remember was everything going black and a sharp pain at the side of my head.

I open my eyes and saw nothing. Everything was black. "Fuck, why does my head hurt so much? and I can't see anything. Ugh, let me open up the lights." I woke up on a cold hard floor but nothing seemed different from when I wake up from my room. I stood and reached up to where my light switch was but felt nothing.

"What the-". That was when it hit me.

'Why am I feeling rough brick-like walls instead of the soft cement I'm used to? Have I been kidnapped? Damn! I knew I shouldn't have gone out.' My hands frantically scanned the wall in the dark.

"Where am I?! Is anyone there?! Help me! I've been kidnapped! Anyone!?!" I scream out, panic starting to sink in. The feeling that I could lose my life any moment was starting to scare me. I kept screaming till my voice went hoarse, until I saw a light coming from the corridor.

The room began to get illuminated and I started seeing things clearly. I could hear the clashing and scraping of metal and once the source of the light was visible, it showed 2 people; a man in full plate armor holding a spear and a man covered in a robe like one those creepy cultists would wear from movies.

The armor-wearing person was weird enough but what struck me the most was the one in the robe. He was a very old man with a white beard and a hunched back. He had what looks like a wooden staff on hand and an orb of light floating above it.

"What the fuck? How is that wooden staff emitting light?" I stood there baffled looking at the old man in a robe. I completely forgot to take notice of the steel bars that was in front of me as they stopped right in front of them.

"Are you done with your violent rampage, Honourable?" A hoarse voice comes out from the old man with the staff.

'Honourable? Is he talking to me?' I calmed down thinking that this was some kind of prank and I was caught in some medieval roleplay scene.

"Um, I don't know what you're talking about... I don't have time to play around with you guys. Did you guys kidnap me to play around with your silly medieval roleplay? Just call my parents and tell them how much money you want already!" The man clad in armor and the old man seemed baffle by my sudden outburst and nonsensical words.

"Honourable John Colton, I don't know what this "medieval roleplay" and "kidnap" you have mentioned is. However, there is one thing I know for sure, it was your parents, Lord and Lady Colton that has put you in here for your misdeeds." The old man spoke in a respectful yet condescending way seemingly trying to remind me of why I was stuck in this medieval prison cell.

'Lord? Lady? What is happening? I must be dreaming... Yes, that must be it. I just have to wake myself up.'

I remembered that dying in your dream or inflicting enough pain or trauma would cause you to wake up from a dream. I walked up to the nearest wall and started hitting my forehead against it.

'Huh? The pain just seems too real.'

"Honourable! Stop! What are you doing?" The old man exclaimed. I didn't listen and still continued banging my head on the wall.

'Fuck, this shit hurts but It'll help me wake up eventually.'

"Honourable, please stop! You there! Get in and-" The sound stopped and everything went black.

'Mmm, this bed is so comfy. Did my parents buy a new mattress for me?' I jolt up remembering my dream and took a look around.

My face turned ashen at the sight. It wasn't because of how revolting the place I am in is, but it wasn't my room. It was highly decorated, one you would see in one of those for palaces or castles for nobility in the olden times.

This wasn't a good sign. This just meant that either I was still in my dream, or it wasn't a dream at all.

'If it wasn't a dream then how did I get here? Last thing I remember was a sharp pain and I woke up in that cell.' A thought popped up in my head. 'I must've been teleported to this world somehow... Shit, alright. There's nothing I can do about it so let's face the facts.'

I walked around the room taking everything in and head towards the mirror. My reflection was a stranger. I was wearing some nice silk clothes with a bandage wrapped around my head and some dried blood peeking through it on my forehead. But what surprised me most wasn't how nice my clothes were or the handsome features that my new body had. No, it was that I was in literally a child's body.

This body was around 12-14 years old and had a very symmetrical face with dark brown hair and radiant green eyes.

'Are all the people in this world this pretty and wonderful? No. Don't think about that.' I shook my head at the thought and began looking around the room. Before I could finish examining every single thing in the room, a knock was heard coming from the giant ornate door.

"Honourable John Colton, may we come in?" I panicked and went straight back into bed. I coughed and went with the noblest tone I could think of in my brain.

"Yes, please come in." As soon as I said that, three beautiful girls came in wearing maid outfits. Two of them pushing a cart filled with desserts and tea and one of them leading the way. 'Ah...Maids, I should've seen this coming. The one leading must be the head maid or something.' I watch them enter and bring everything and waited for them to finish. "Uh, what was your name again?" I asked looking at the head maid.

"My name is Madeleine, Honourable John Colton." She replies with respect and gives a slight bow.

"Ah yes, Madeleine, can you please tell me what happened? Have I been in a coma, and why has my body aged overnight?"

'Yes, this will be my excuse. I have no memory of anyone here so I will play it out as something else.' The maids stood there shocked for a minute or two.

"Well, Madeleine, are you gonna explain this to me or are you gonna stand there silent?" Hearing what I said, the head maid Madeleine regained her senses and began to spoke.

"H-H-Honourable John Colton, you have not been in a coma or anything of the sort. You've actually been moving about and living your life. Please, let me call your parents and the family physician!" Madeleine gave a sincere bow and waited for my approval.

I scratched my head pretending like I had no idea what she meant. "Yes, please do."

I don't know how much time has passed but I just sat on my bed frozen, scared to move fearing that someone might just barge into my room. 'What is taking them so long.' At that thought, multiple people barged into my room.

I recognize the head maid Madeleine come in, but she came in with three other people. Two of them, I could instantly tell that they were my parents. They wore what looked like expensive and flashy clothing. The man I think that was my father had a bright red robe and a black vest with what seemed to me like some shorts or tight shortened leggings.

'Medieval noble fashion is weird.'

My mother on the other hand was wearing a white dress, the kind you know nobles would wear. The other man, is who I think would be the physician. He wore less finer clothes but what gave it away was him carrying a book and wearing a pair of glasses.

"Frederick! Check him quick! My son, John, is what I've heard from Madeleine true?!" My father said.

The physician, named Frederick, came to my side and started checking the basics. My vitals, my arms and legs, my face and then suddenly held his hands above over me and a faint glow was seen. I disregarded him and spoke to my father.

"Yes, father. I have no memories of what has happened. The last thing I remember was when I was 6 years old and a book showed up in my room. I read it and went to sleep. The next thing I knew was I have woken up with pain and a bandage on my head seemingly having grown several years older. Father, how old am I now?"

'Of course, all of that was just a lie.'

My mother put her hands on her mouth and started crying while calling out my name.

"Ah, you're currently 14 years old, John. I don't know what happened but do you truly not remember anything for the last 8 years?" My father replied. He tried keeping a calm and straight face but the shock was very apparent in his eyes.

"No, father. I can't remember anything at all... Have I done something bad and unforgiving? I hope I haven't disappointed you." Tears start to well up as I say that and I look towards my father and mother.

'Goddamn, I feel like a great actor.' As soon as I said that, the physician stopped what he was doing and faced my parents.

"Lord Connor, Lady Heather. There is nothing wrong with your son. I am sorry, but I have no explanation for what has happened to him for the past 8 years... Please forgive this useless subordinate." Frederick gave them a solemn bow and remained that way.

"It's alright, Frederick. No one knew how it could've happened. Lift your head" He gives him a pat on his shoulder as he stood back up and went to look at me, tears welling up in his eyes. "No, son. You haven't done anything to disappoint me. I knew that it couldn't have been you, I knew my son was better than whatever possessed you."

He stared at me for a long time. I could feel the relief and the sadness he felt for me as his son.

"Anyway, I think you're very confused and tired. Everyone let's give my son some rest. Tomorrow, we celebrate his return!" One by one, they left the room and soon enough I was alone again.

'Finally... I can start to think.'

"Now let's get used to everything."

I looked around my room and everything seemed normal for the time I think I was in. However, there was something blinking at my peripheral. It was a button, resembling that of one for a game. I tried pressing it but it won't work. I thought about using the button and a screen popped up.



Name: John Colton

Age: 14

Level: 5

Experience: 200/500

HP: 80/100

Mana: 50/50

Strength: 5

Intelligence: 10

Dexterity: 6

Agility: 7

Wisdom: 5

Unspent points: 0

Skills: Identify

Boons: Wadur's Blessing

Curses: -None-


You can see basic information of anything you focus on.

[Wadur's Blessing]

You've been given a second chance by Wadur, God of Life and Death. With this blessing you have gained the ability to see your own abilities in a way you are familiar with.


'This is a good thing right?' I stood there baffled for a while and realized. 'Am I some sort of protagonist now?' I couldn't believe it and started laughing manically to myself.

This is my first time writing a story and actually sharing it. If you have any comments and/or suggestions please tell me! Hopefully, I will keep making more chapters, but for now, I have no set schedule for writing new chapters but I will write as much as I can to get you guys engaged with the story!

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