9 Chapter 7

"Usually, isn't it only the six of us who are here to wash clothes? Why is there one more person behind?"

"Oh, if you didn't tell me, I wouldn't have noticed. Is this man a man or a ger?"

"Are you stupid? This is clearly the one who settled down last year - Li Jin!"

"He is holding a basin and a mallet, is he going to wash clothes too?"

"Who knows? Didn't his husband give birth recently? I didn't think that Li Jin still feels distressed."

Although his legs were long and the distance he took each step was more, Li Jin followed them at a not too far or not too near distance.

At this time, it's best to avoid serious suspicion between men and women, and so it is difficult to follow too closely.

There is a river at the head of the village, the water depth is about till the knee of an adult man.

There are some small rocks and crabs at the bottom of the river, which is seen through the crystal clear water. Girls and gers from the village usually come here too.

But people in the village also have a verbal agreement that only six households will go to wash each time.

After all, it is a river, which is divided into upstream and downstream. Those who wash clothes in the upstream will take advantage of it.

To be fair, everyone took up six stone piers and took turns to wash clothes at the stone pier upstream.

When Li Jin arrived by the river, these people were already in their positions.

When they saw Li Jinzhen came to wash the clothes, the last daughter-in-law in the line had just gone to the stone pier of the previous daughter-in-law with her basin.

"Li Jin, you really came to wash your clothes, let me give you my place!"

After speaking, she said to the woman next to her, "Sister, I have fewer clothes today. I will squeeze with you. I will finish washing in a while."


Li Jin still didn't know these customs in the village. He could only touch the tip of his nose when seeing this scene, and then thanked them.

The girls listened to him, looking at Li Jin quietly as they washed their clothes. In fact, Qin Muwen washes at this laundry location, but it's not his turn today.

There are so many households in the village, so everyone is arranged in an order.

It's just that Li Jin couldn't bear to leave the dirty clothes for such a long time till their turn, so he did not ask Qin Muwen before and washed it by himself.

Li Jin has never used a mallet to wash clothes, and the soap cuts of this era is still a little different from modern soap. Therefore, when he first started washing, Li Jin's actions here were slightly awkward.

The unmarried girls were embarrassed to talk to Li Jin, and they only spied on Li Jin occasionally.

The married daughters started to say hello to Li Jin, but then they couldn't say anything more.

After all, in the context of this era, men and women have to strictly observe the precautions.

This river is on the only way back to the village. The big man who had pulled Li Jin back from the town with an ox cart in the morning, was driving back. From afar, he felt that the man washing clothes by the river was very familiar.

Approaching near , it looks more familiar.

It looks a lot like Li Jin.

But he didn't dare to think that Li Jin would come out to wash clothes? This... Is the sun going to come out from the west?!

So when the bullock cart crossed the river, half a minute later, the big man turned back.

He shouted: "Li Jin, it's really you, kid!"

Fortunately, Li Jin did not have face blindness, and recognized that this person was the one who sent him back in the morning.

This person should be a good old man in the village, and Li Jin labelled him so in his heart.

"Yeah." Li Jin replied.

The man tied the cow to the stone on the side of the road, walked to Li Jin's side by himself, poked his head and took a closer look.

Really washing clothes.

Not to mention, it looks pretty decent.

Li Jin has always been expressionless, and it is not difficult to wash clothes, but ancient clothes have many fabrics and it is inconvenient to wash them by hand.

With soap beads and sticks, it is easier to wash.

Besides, he also watched costume TV series when he was young, so he started copying slowly.

The big guy was happy: "Heh, you actually know how to wash clothes. I really hope that an artist can paint it, and then I will frame it and give it to your husband.

If you dare to bully him in the future, let him threaten you with this painting. "

Li Jin: "..."

The big man looks like twenty-four or five. He is in his prime of life. According to the usual practice of early marriage and early childbirth in ancient times, it is estimated that the boy could be married.

Li Jin also saw his own appearance through the water at first, and it was very similar to his appearance in his previous life.

But it's different from the maturity of twenty-nine years old...

Like Qin Muwen, with youthful vigor. Li Jin thought, his body is probably 17 or 18 years old now.

The big man saw that Li Jin was still washing his clothes, he was happy, and he planned to appreciate it for a while. Anyway, he had a cramp before, and he didn't bother to walk at the moment.

"Your husband gave birth? Did he give youa baby boy? You are all happy to come out to wash your clothes."

Li Jin frowned and said, "It's fine if father and son are safe."

How cute is that little doll, no matter whether he is a boy or a ger, he will always be a child from himself and the teenager.

The big man was even more cheerful: "You, Li Jin, will be a father in the future, and so you should be the pillar of the family.

In the morning, I went to the market to sell firewood, so I didn't get say some words to you.

It is the same if I say it now. Before your mother died, she helped a ger to be a daughter-in-law for our relatives son. The two of them are now a family, so I remember remember this. "

Li Jin nodded without a trace of emotion on his face. It turned out that this big man was not a good old man in the village, but because Li Jin's family had a twisty relationship with his family, he was willing to help him.

"Your mother was most worried about you before leaving this world, so just let me take care of you more.

But I can't chase behind your a** all day long. I was thinking that your husband had a baby today and you are still drinking outside. This is too much.

I must teach you a lesson when I come back from the market.

Now it seems that you are more sensible after becoming a father. "

Just now, Li Jin finished washing his clothes, so he wrung out the water and put the clothes in the basin.

"Thank you for the previous care, I won't be muddled again in the future."

The two walked back together, and the girl who had given up her seat to Li Jin also finished washing her clothes.

After saying goodbye to her sisters, she also took the laundry tub and walked away quickly.

The big man beside him walked slightly limping, frowning from time to time.

Li Jin stopped, thinking that he still didn't know what this person was called.

He thought for a moment, a name came to mind-'Li Zhuzi'.

The name of your Li family is really randomly used.

Li Daniu, Li Zhuzi...

Li Jin thought, I guess there will be names like Li Tiezhu in the future.

"Brother Zhuzi, you have a broken foot."

Li Zhuzi said, "It's not a problem, I'll go back and use a wooden board to clamp it, and just sleep again."

The people in the village have a lot of their own healing methods , which is simple and practical.

Li Jin said, "Look for a stone and sit down. I'll straighten your bones."

Li Zhuzi didn't need to worry about it at first, but he had also later stepped into the pit with the same foot.

If you don't align your bones, this leg will be useless.

Li Jin held his ankle, Li Zhuzhi looked at Li Jin's beautifully formed hand and thought to himself, a scholar is different from their type.

This hand looks more delicate than a girl's hand.

It's not feminine, it's just... this hand looks like those that are writing with a pen, it's kind of indescribable.

Li Zhuzi thought, when his family is rich, he will have to let his son study.

Look at Li Jin. Although he hasn't learned much, his temperament is different from ordinary people.

Li Jin didn't have time to look at his hands. Though, to be honest, these hands are what Li Jin is most satisfied with about his body.

The ten fingers are slender as jade, each nail is round as a shell, and there is no cocoon in the palm of the hand. At first glance, it is a pair of pampered hands.

Of course, I didn't use it much.

Li Jin didn't say hello to Li Zhuzi, but directly pinpointed the position, pulling it into position with both hands.

Li Zhuzi didn't prepare mentally, so he yelled in pain.

The girls doing laundry next to them looked up in shock.

"What are you doing? Don't fight, fighting is forbidden in our village!"

Li Zhuzi was teared up from the pain, but he still replied hoarsely.

"There was no fight, my ankle was broken, and Li Jin helped me set the bone."

Li Jin helped him stand up: "You try walking on the ground now."

Li Zhuzi thought he would have the pain when he stepped on the ground.

But Li Jin's hands seemed to have applied magic to him, and he didn't feel any pain at all.

Li Jin just looked at his expression and knew it was just right.

So he went back to wash his hands and lifted the washtub.

Li Zhuzi's bullock cart was nearby, and he asked Li Jin to put the pot on it, and walked alongside Li Jin.

"Good boy, your hand is good at bone-setting, even the doctor in the town medical clinic is not as good as you."

Li Jin didn't say a word. What he was best at was not the bone setting, but surgery.

It's just that after the half a year he spent in the surgery rotation during his medical school training, this skill has not been forgotten.

Li Zhuzi was grateful to Li Jin, so he talked a lot. He said, "Are you going to take a scholarship exam this year? If you don't pass the exam, you can be an apprentice in a medical clinic, so you can at least support your family.

Your husband's thin and frail hands can't make a few coppers after sewing clothes for a whole day.

I heard that the treatment in the medical hall is better. If you become a doctor there, you can eat every meal in the medical hall. You can still have a couple of taels a month! "

Li Jin thought, he really has to think about making money to support his family.

If according to Li Zhuzi's statement, doctors of this era can earn upto three taels of silver a month, that's three ounces of copper coins, which is three thousand wen.

Then this dynasty is probably similar to the Qing dynasty.

A copper plate is equal to one wen, and a silver coin is one thousand wen.

Li Jin asked, "Can a chicken sell for forty wen?"

Li Zhuzi said: "Yes, this is the price in the town. If you want to buy chickens to raise, you'd better buy them directly in the village. You can buy them with Li Daniu if you can spare 35 pennies."

Li Jin nodded, now he probably has a certain understanding of the purchasing power of money in this era.

Considering that only seven or eight cents are left in the family, it is estimated that only ten buns can be bought.

They were really poor.

The river was not far from the village, and Li Zhuzi and Li Jin talked endlessly about saving money.

Anyway, he feels that Li Jin is getting better now and knows he feels sorry for his husband, which is a good thing.

Li Jin has to stop taking money to buy wine and drink.

If you make a lot of money, buy tiles and fix the house first.

Otherwise, how could the children be able to bear it, when it leaks rain in summer and cold winds blow in winter.

The mortality rate of infants and young children in ancient times was simply too high, and every household had children who succumbed to it.

Let's not talk about smallpox chickenpox, just say that it is a big problem to eat and live well, and there is also the problem of having enough clothes to wear.

Li Jin thought, you really have to pay attention to repairing the house first, otherwise when the rainy season comes in a while, everything in the house will become moldy, which is not good for the children.

Seeing that he heard it, Li Zhuzi was also quite relieved.

At this moment, every household in the village was busy with the farm work. Someone happened to have rushed to the market during the meal time. They knew that Li Zhuzi had injured his foot. At this moment, seeing how Li Zhuzi walked like flying, how could he have a broken foot?

"Li Zhuzi, did you make a lot of money today? Went to the hospital?"

Li Zhuzi laughed and said, "There is a genius doctor by our side!"

Everyone: "???"