8 Chapter 6

When Li Jin entered, Qin Muwen was holding the baby in his arms, his face pale... paler than when he had just given birth.

There is no trace of blood on the lips.

But even so, he still held the baby carefully.

Stroking the child's back as gently as possible.

Although Qin Muwen's movements are like he is unfamiliar, he is full of his love for his child.

Li Jin smiled and said, "The child sure as hell knew his father. When he was hugged by his father, he immediately stopped crying."

While he spoke, his hands kept moving, preparing to lay the bed.

In this era, the cotton in the quilt is real. Li Jin first cleaned up the old mattress and unpacked the new one to spread it on the empty half of the bed.

He felt that the thickness was just right, and it was neither too hard nor too soft to sleep in.

If the bed is too hard, it will make people uncomfortable.

But if it is too soft, it is not good for the lumbar spine.

Li Jin measured the thickness of the mattress with his hands, feeling that one mattress was enough.

However, the cotton mattress at this era was not as good as the Simmons soft bed available in the market of his time. Li Jin had borrowed two newly sewn mattresses from Li Daniu's house. Even if they were all laid, it would not be too soft and would not damage the lumbar spine.

Li Jin asked, "Do you like a softer bed or a harder one?"

Qin Muwen stayed quiet for a while, as if he didn't expect Li Jin to be talking to him.


The teen's voice is light and thin, and at this point it's a little softer because he's just had a baby.

It's not as tactful and crisp as a woman, but it gives people a gentle, fluid, calm sensation.

In fact, Li Jin didn't laugh often. In his previous life, he was in a hospital environment where birth and death are common.

The doctors are indeed very sad to see someone die, but they still have to summarise the cause of death from the various physical data obtained from the operation and the death of the patient, and then accumulate these data into more, and ultimately contribute to the advancement of medicine as a whole.

Doctors will never smile when they held regular meetings to do statistics, after all, these are death cases.

But crying while writing the report would be too foolish.

Therefore, everyone has long practised the skills of being straight-faced and making a serious report.

Coupled with the fact that Li Jin is a doctor in obstetrics, it is even more impossible for him to smile at a mother.

Therefore, Li Jin can't remember when he last laughed.

But now, seeing the boy awkwardly but gently holding the child, he put on a smile unconsciously.

He rubbed the young man's head with a smile: "Of course, I asked you, or should I ask the child?"

The freshly laid cup beside Qin Muwen smelled of the sun, and it was very refreshing.

He obediently said: "This is enough."

Li Jin didn't ask again. There's another mattress anyway. When the teen feels uncomfortable, he can add it.

So he spread the clean sheets on the bed, and then pulled the baby out of Qin Muwen's arms like pulling a carrot.

The dumbfounded child: "???" What happened?

Well, no matter what happens, just cry.

Qin Muwen was also dumbfounded. His biggest worry now is that since Li Jin does not like his ger status and thus does not care about his first child.

Looking at Li Jin's attitude now, although he is not very enthusiastic about this child, he is not indifferent.

Li Jin bent down and said, "Don't struggle."

Afterwards, he held the young man's back with one hand and his knees with the other, and held him in his arms. [T/N:Princess carry... Yay..( /^ω^)/♪♪]

In fact, Li Jin held him like this just before the child was born.

Qin Muwen was tortured by the pain in his stomach at that time, and had no time to take this into consideration.

At this moment, he could clearly hear the man's steady heartbeat, and he could smell the steam after taking a shower.

It was only then that Qin Muwen remembered that he had not worn pants after he had had a baby.

The door of the room was kept closed, and there was no wind at all, but this action inevitably brought a little wind, making Qin Muwen blush a little .

Li Jin asked Qin Muwen to hold his neck and wiped his body before putting him on the bed.

There is no hint of teasing or vulgarity during the actions.

Instead, he looks like a proper family member who can care for a patient.

Li Jin quickly made up the other half of the bed, then covered Qin Muwen with a quilt and pressed down the quilt.

At this time, he asked again: "Where are your clothes?"

The boy had only two sets of clothes, one that he was wearing right now, and the other one that was in the cupboard by his bed.

After Li Jin found it, he separated the front and the back, and reached under the quilt to dress Qin Muwen carefully.

These trousers have been clearly altered, maybe because the belly was big before, the waistband was altered.

But now at home, it doesn't matter if you don't wear your pants.

After all the young boy was settled, Li Jincai put a diaper on the child, and then wrapped him tightly with swaddling

It's June now, and although the temperature is high, it is better than having a baby in the cold winter.

At that time, Li Jin should consider buying some charcoal to fire up the kang.

After squeezing the big one and small one into the quilt, Li Jin started to fold up the dirty mattress.

This mattress has been used for a long time, the cotton has been pressed tightly, and now it is stained with blood. If you want to take apart and wash, it is a huge workload.

Li Jin planned to take this thing apart and burn it for firewood.

Although he can cook, tidy up and clean, he is really a layman in needlework.

The only person in the family who can take apart and wash the quilt is probably the teenager lying on the bed, but he has just given birth. How can he do it?

Li Jin thought, anyway, it's not very useful, just discard it.

Two brand-new mattresses at home are now enough.

Qin Muwen shrank under the covers, and his whole body felt more refreshed than before.

He thought, he didn't know where he got these things...

Li Jin put away everything he didn't plan to need at home and moved to the kitchen.

He has lived alone for so many years, and his room and desk are clean and tidy.

When everything was cleaned up, Li Jin began to recall the "postpartum precautions" the teacher said when he was still in school.

It seems to say...the mother's emotions must be taken care of.

Postpartum depression is not a joke.

Li Jin returned to the house, and the child fell asleep after crying two times.

The small appearance looks very cute, with a cinnabar mole on the eyebrows, which is very pleasing.

But the young man never fell asleep. When Li Jin entered the door, he blinked at Li Jin, and when Li Jin looked at him, he quickly looked away.

Li Jin sat on the edge of the bed and started a conversation: "Is it cold now?"

The boy looked at Li Jin and shook his head obediently.

Li Jin almost had to support his forehead. This is clearly a child. How did the ancient people get it right?

"Is there anything uncomfortable?"

The boy shook his head, adding one more sentence this time: "No."

"If your stomach hurts, you must tell me. Don't be shy, don't be afraid."

The boy looked at Li Jin with his eyes wide open and opened his mouth, as if he wanted to call Jin, but he did not speak.

At this moment, some pictures flashed in Li Jin's mind.

——"Husband? Ms. Gong? Do you think you are **** worthy of calling?"

The teenager knelt on the ground, tears falling down: "I was wrong, I was wrong, and I will never dare again."

Then came another round of punches and kicks.

Li Jin thought that he was a bystander that couldn't be **** off, and it was hard to imagine how the teenager persisted all these years.

"My name is Li Jin, Li at dawn, Jin with a bright future.

You can just call me by name, or...call me husband.

Up to you. "

Li Jin did not apologize to the young man for his injuries over the past two years, because he knew that after hurting others, the apology was particularly useless.

At this time, speaking is often the most useless thing.

It is better to use your own practical actions to make up for the hurt in the heart of the teenager.

Just when Li Jin thought he could not hear the young man, a clear address came out of the young man's mouth.

"A Jin."

After the boy finished speaking, he closed his eyes and almost buried his head in the quilt.

He didn't know how Li Jin would react. He didn't dare to call Li Jin "Msang Gong" or "Husband" because the young man's mind was particularly sensitive. He realized that the current Li Jin was completely different from the previous Li Jin.

Qin Muwen wanted to use a new name to start a new life.

He was worried that one of his titles will then bring out the violent side of Li Jin's heart.

He could continue to bear it, but the child... the child was just born, and still so fragile, he really couldn't stand it.

Li Jin smiled and said, "I like this name very much."

The young man's tense heart finally fell back to the original place. He had just been extremely tense, and now he relaxed, and soon fell into a deep sleep.

Li Jin then looked at the house carefully. The bedroom was about a dozen square meters, with a wooden bed leaning against the wall.

There is a low cabinet at the end of the bed, which is well made, and it seems to be the most expensive piece of furniture in this family.

The low cabinet is divided into three levels, and there are some odds and ends.

The soap corner is placed on the inner side of the window sill, which can be used to wash the dirty clothes he changed.

There are no other cabinets in the bedroom, only two bamboo baskets.

One of them is used to store clothes, and the other holds the unfinished cloth.

Li Jin also found seven or eight copper plates at the bottom of the clothes basket. Thinking about it, the young man probably had nowhere to hide it, fearing that the original owner would use all their earnings to buy wine.

Li Jin didn't touch the copper plates. He still doesn't know the rate of purchasing things of this era. After washing the clothes for a while, he can find Li Daniu to play chess and then check his tone.

Furthermore, Li Jin felt that he had just remembered a little bit of the scene of the original owner getting along with the boy.

So... it shouldn't be far before he remembered the name of the boy...

If you want him to ask the name directly in person, doesn't this make it clear that he is not the original owner Li Jin.

Li Jin didn't know at this time, and the original owner never knew the name of the boy.

Never thought of giving the boy a name, as if he was just a dispensable person.

However, things have to come one by one.

Li Jin decided to wash his clothes first. He watched some brothers and daughters-in-law in the village walk away with the washing tub, and then thought of the river he saw when he was pulled back by a bullock cart.

"It is estimated that people in the village are washing clothes in the river."

He packed the soap corners, the mallet (used to beat clothes), the tub and the clothes, and set off with the tail of the large army.

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