3 New Subordinates

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About 4 minutes later~

Exiting the palace, you can see a well-dressed man with a clear, nervous expression. Not minding his nervousness, I speak and say,

"Hey, do you know this kid?" Whilst I toss him the body of that annoying twat.

He went from being nervous to a sign of anger, however. He quickly went back to normal and began speaking.

"You kind sir, I know this kid as he was my so- my nephew, I can bring you to his father and you can punish him." He said this all while smiling and mumbling to himself. I heard his mumbles, and he was saying things about revenge and honestly, I couldn't care at all for whatever personal problems he has so I grabbed his hands and motioned him to follow me.

I think he was genuinely scared now, which led me to smile even more. That is until 3 Mary Sue's came running into my direction yelling "FREE HIM OR YOU SHALL FACE PUNISHMENT."

The well-dressed man started smiling and laughing, "Ha, you dare enter my territory and cause harm to my people and even my son. YOU IGNORANT FOOL! My kingdom is the strongest within 600 miles around here, and I have the protection of these 3 Gods. Bow down to them, you fool."

I started laughing hysterically, I didn't even bother to use status on these people from what I can tell from their aura they are significantly weaker than I am, even if I combined them unless they suppressed it which I highly doubt. I let go of the old man and yell, "Bow down to the strongest God Khador or face punishment beyond what you ever expected."

They then yelled, in unison as if they have been practicing, " You shall bow down to us, and face divine retribution. You shall release the sins you have committed. Dare you step on this land and call yourself the strongest? Mortals have been beyond ignorant in recent years. I owe the first king of this kingdom from 85,000 years ago a favor, and I am now paying it. I bid you good luck."

I got bored with their personalities, so I created a new skill.

[Skill: Bind has been created.]

[Bind any opponents weaker than you for all eternity unless you will them to be free.]

I then used this amazing technique on all three of them and teleport them in front of me. It was amusing seeing how every one of them had a shocked expression and tried endlessly to rip out of my bind skill.

"You coward! You dare use such a lowly technique, do you dare not fight us if you claim to be the strongest?"


"Tch, coward how disappointing."

I then walked up to the 3 of them and gave them each a bitch slap. I think I still need to practice physical control, all I did was tap there and, well I can't find their heads.

"System, who were those 3 fools."

[Those 3 were the strongest ones in existence, only second to you.]

I then panic, I'm supposed to guide them not to kill them, however I can tell that the old man is more afraid, and it seems he died of shock.

"System, create new skill Ingall."

[Skill: Ingall has been created.]

[Revive anyone whose soul is within 2 billion light years.]




After I revive them, they immediately start bowing down and say, "I apologize, my lord, I was too ignorant to realize your strength. Please punish me as you see fit."

"I won't punish you, however, I require you to be my subordinates. I will guide you, and your first mission is to gather all the Gods you can find and gather them at a spot you find fit. But before that, I'd like for you to tell me why you bound yourselves to these lowly mortals."

"Milord, the reason we did such a despicable thing is that the first king, was very respectable and intriguing however we had never expected that this kingdom will become as corrupt as it has and we would've left earlier had it not been for the promise to protect the kingdom."

"I see, well forget about that king, you are mine now. Gather all the Gods so we can have a meeting, or all of them shall face immediate death. Be done within 2,500 years."

"Yes, Milord!"

They then flew away. So I turned around and fix this nation, and for the promise they made, I fixed the kingdom and made a new skill.

[New Skill Created: Divine Sense

See everyone around you and figure out their intentions.]

I spread my divine sense around the whole kingdom after it covered the whole entire kingdom I began to immediately kill every single person who held bad intentions and turned their body into ash.

I see now that there is only 1 person and use telepathy to tell them,

"Everyone with bad intentions has died. I shall grant you immortality and a shield shall surround this kingdom so any person with bad intentions shall die immediately, I hope to see you in thousands of years. If you ever desire for death, you may request for it. Goodbye.'

She was surprised, but her eyes held determination, and began talking to the people.

I finally left and rested in a cave on the side of the mountain and transform into an eastern dragon who is white and blue with piercing gold eyes.

"System, make me sleep for 2,499 years."

[Starting sleep state...]

The tiredness overtakes me and I fall asleep. Caves are comfortable.

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