Transmigrated into the Body of the Strongest God Book

novel - Fantasy

Transmigrated into the Body of the Strongest God


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Cody, a 43-year-old man currently going through his midlife crisis is sitting inside a bar. That is until a robber came in and broke in, Cody was relaxed throughout the whole thing due to him not caring if he dies. But suddenly, a big fight broke out and beers and alcoholic beverages were smashed causing there to be a flood that smashed and drowned everyone but 3 sober people. Unfortunately, Cody wasn't one of them. Cody was then floating in an endless space until he spotted a planet until suddenly he started traveling towards it faster than the speed of light, after that he began fusing inside a body, insane pain striking him. He woke up and found out that he became something he wasn't even expecting to be. Schedule At least 1 every day or if I'm late 2 days. If I am not updating for a week it's probably dropped.


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