47 Sakazuki

A day quickly passed by,

Today, Blaize took the position of Captain. He was given a standard marine ship and nearly 50 marines for him to command.

His Marine ship has three masts and six cannons on each side of its hull while the Marine symbol and name were depicted on the sides.

As today is a special occasion, he wore a suit that was prepared before; Blaize specially requested and designed how they should look. It was an olive green suit with a black inner tailor-made for him.

He also wore his Captain coat, like a cape draped over his shoulders with 'justice' emblazoned on its back.

But some things don't go as one wants. His Marine unit was placed under Vice-Admiral Sakazuki, he's Blaize's superior and reporting officer.

He's not a child and he can't just simply go and complain. It's not in his nature. Blaize accepted his fate and went to meet Sakazuki, the future Fleet Admiral of the marines.

Sakazuki's office,

Knocking the door, Blaize heard a stern voice from the inside. "Come in!"

Stepping inside, he saw a rigid man with a dead-serious disposition; grim and expressionless. There he is, Sakazuki, the most ruthless Marine in the series.

Sakazuki was dressed in a crimson, double-breasted suit, decorated with what appears to be a pink rose on his left buttonhole.

He looked the same as Blaize saw it in the series before time-skip, just a little younger. He's a muscular man and incredibly tall standing close to 10' feet in height.

'He's strong!' Blaize discerned it with a glance.

While he is a strong and capable Marine, Sakazuki would be best categorized as an extremist and highly dogmatic. He is an adamant believer in Absolute Justice and he will go to any length to maintain Through justice.

His personality and Blaize's are completely contradictory to one another. Blaize hates Sakazuki's character and his way of handling things.

He could guess why Sengoku intentionally put him under Sakazuki. He wants him to learn something from Sakazuki and at the same time, he believes Sakazuki will be able to command him.

Maybe if it's someone else, they will fear and try their best to complete his order. But in his case, it won't happen. He isn't afraid of Sakazuki's prestige and authority.


Sakazuki stared at him and asked in his stern voice, "You are Blaize?"

"Yes, Vice-Admiral Sakazuki."

"I heard what you did in Sabaody. We, the marines, exist to eliminate the very possibility of threat that endangers the world.

If all the Marines were like you, running around doing what one pleases then what's the difference between Pirates and us.

I don't care how you were till now but from today onwards I expect you to listen to all my orders unconditionally." Sakazuki said.

"I don't think I can do that!" Blaize replied without a tinge of fear.

"What did you say?" The temperature of the room increased by several folds, Sakazuki's face boiled showing signs of his devil fruit ability.

Undaunted, Blaize met the latter's eyes and replied: "I, Of course, listen to your orders Vice Admiral. What I am trying to say is, I won't do anything that's against my conscience."

Hearing this, Sakazuki erupted as Blaize expected and blasted him out of his office with his magma-covered punch.

Since Blaize is immune to heat-based attack, his magma didn't injure him anyway but he felt tightness in his chest because of the force behind the punch.

The sudden commotion attracted everyone's attention present in the vicinity.

"Oi...isn't he the new recruit who came first in the training? I heard he's going to take charge as Captain today."

"I too heard! But what happened, why was he blasted out of Vice-Admiral Sakazuki's office?" A recruit inquired in a puzzled tone.

All the high-ranking marine officers stationed in the Marine Headquarters showed up to see what's happening; Rear Admirals, Vice-Admirals and even Admirals.

Sengoku and Garp also came out but watched everything from the distance showing no signs of interfering.

Wiping the drops of blood at the corner of his lips, Blaize stood up and faced Sakazuki who furiously charged forward and kicked him in the face.

Once again rising to his feet, Blaize laughed. "Haha, Vice Admiral Sakazuki, are you going to beat me to death!

Will you kill every single marine who doesn't share your opinion or fails to complete your orders?

This is how I am. If you can't put up with me, complain or transfer me to another unit."

"You..." Enraged, Sakazuki transformed his fist into magma ready to punch through Blaize and kill him in a single blow.

"Sakazuki...stop it. Look around!" Kuzan suddenly appeared before Blaize and spoke.

Only then Sakazuki noticed all the marines in the vicinity were staring at him in fear while distrust seeded their hearts.

All the marines will naturally follow the order issued by the high-ranking officers but at the same time, they also want to trust their superiors with their lives.

Now, Vice Admiral Sakazuki's action rippled their serene hearts.

Snorting, Sakazuki turned around and walked away without bothering what the others are thinking. As for Blaize, he patted the dust off his shoulder and thanked Kuzan.

"Thank you, Vice-Admiral Kuzan."

Kuzan just shook his head and vanished from the spot. 'What a bother!' He didn't know why Sengoku-san placed Blaize under Sakazuki knowing both their personalities.

Soon, the surrounding marines dispersed from the place discussing among themselves.


"I told you Sengoku, it won't work. You want to control Blaize's way of doing things with force, it won't end well." Garp spoke in a casual tone but one could tell he's serious.

"I know but I don't have a choice! I don't need another one like you in the Marine rank."



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