18 Mastering Rokushiki

Instructor Zephyr's office,

Blaize thanked Z for saving him and asked, "Zephyr sensei, I want to learn Rokushiki. I knew I failed the survival training, please give me another chance to prove my strength."

It's true. If he hadn't met the four-armed Ape he could have surely lasted for three days without any problem.

"Oh! Why do you want to learn Rokushiki so badly?"

"I saw senior recruits training in Rokushiki. If I learn them, I can enhance my devil fruit powers to another level. With that, I would have an easier time chasing pirates."

Zephyr nodded his head. "You don't have to prove anything. You fought bravely against the Golden beast whose strength pairs with Vice-Admirals. I will teach you Rokushiki from tomorrow."

"Thank You, Zephyr Sensei." Blaize returned a good military salute and left the office. Regarding this, Z smiled and shook his head.


Next day,

Twenty-five some marine trainees gathered in the training ground, called by Instructor Zephyr himself. Blaize was among them. He has an idea of why he gathered everyone, but he wasn't sure.

"Blaize, you went to meet Zephyr sensei yesterday, did he notify anything?" Shuzo asked while Blaize shook his head.

"I think it's about the survival activity we finished," Gion shared her thoughts.

"Let's wait and see." Another trainee from their group commented. All while, Vergo stood there without joining the conversation.

After a few minutes, Zephyr came to the training field accompanied by two marine officers.

"It's been six months since you guys arrived at the training camp. All of you have trained well in these six months and utilized the time properly.

I handpicked the twenty-five of you based on the talent, hard work, and courage exhibited by you all. It's time we move things forward.

We will teach you Rokushiki, and after a month, you will be sent out of the training camp. And will be asked to hunt the pirates."

Zephyr's unexpected speech stunned the trainees as they got comfortable with the peaceful days, forgetting the true horror of the world.

Just training daily isn't a way to become strong. Zephyr knows this well. The six-month time is for everyone to prepare themself to face the cruel world.

If they utilized this time well, they would survive, otherwise, die horribly in the hands of pirates.

"Some of you may already know, some may not. Let me explain in detail the fighting technique called Rokushiki. It's a special, superhuman martial art developed by the world government.

Only marines with sufficient merits can learn this art. But we decided to teach this technique to you all without any merits, considering the present situation of the sea and rampaging pirates.

We aren't giving it away for free, we are just teaching you in advance so that you don't die early, facing pirates." Zephyr's words awoke some of the trainees.

Some were excited thinking of learning the famous martial art of marine. Others were worried about facing the pirates.

"Rokushiki has several different styles. All of them are distinct from one another, centering on various physical parts. Most who learn Rokushiki tends to be specialized in one technique.

Only a few trained all the styles to perfection. Let's start with 'Soru'—commonly practiced by everyone and easy to master..." Zephyr introduced Rokushiki.

Blaize was excited listening to the method. He badly wants to learn Rokushiki because of its explosive strength and to complete the system task.

Moreover, he was positive he can improve his devil fruit power with this technique. He wasn't bluffing when he said that to Z.


The one-month time limit pressed the marine trainees' hearts. In the first few days, Zephyr taught the different styles of Rokushiki and how they function.

Past that, it's in their hands to learn them. Since Blaize already knew the styles of Rokushiki and how they work, he comprehended the techniques quite fast.

Gion, Shuzo, Vergo, and even Instructor Zephyr were quite shocked by his progress. They couldn't fathom how he understood the techniques in a few days.

Of course, none of them knew Blaize was a previous resident of earth and watched 'One Piece' countless times so he knows pretty well how Rokushiki functions.

Once he became proficient in different styles of Rokushiki, a notification sounded in his head.

[~ Task: Learn Marine's Rokushiki and become proficient in it.

Time Limit: One year

Status: Complete

Reward: 2.0 constitution+ 2.0 Devil Fruit Potential+ 1 Free attribute point.

Do you want to collect the reward now? Yes/No ~]

"Sweet!" Blaize was overjoyed seeing the reward. With this, his strength will soar to a whole new level.

Accepting the reward, he checked the interface.

[~ Name: Blaize Hunt

Occupation: Marine

Constitution: 18.2 [Strength: 18.2, Speed: 18.1]

Devil Fruit Potential: 18.3

Haki: None

Free attribute point: 1.5 ~]

He now has 1.5 free attribute points. He has a nagging feeling, his strength would undergo a qualitative leap once his attributes cross the '20' bar limit.

He wasn't in a rush to use his free attribute points. He wants to save it for later.

Lately, the system stopped issuing him daily tasks and menial missions such as daily push-ups, squats, and so on. It should be related to his strength reaching a certain limit.

Anyhow, Blaize is happy with the system rewards and the missions released by it. One shouldn't be too greedy.

Days passed, the one-month limit neared. Only three days remain. Strangely, Vergo proposed a challenge to him on his own accord, today.

Blaize doesn't know whether it's to test his devil fruit powers or because of this stunning growth. It doesn't matter to him, anyway. He was also interested in testing Vergo's combat strength.

He happily accepted the challenge. Naturally, their fight attracted the entire training camp as the two of them are one of the best marine recruits of this year.

Even though Blaize hadn't revealed his devil fruit powers to others, somehow, everyone in the training camp learned he's a devil fruit user. He too wasn't bothered by it.

Their fight became the topic of the Island.


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