5 Leaving Little cage Island

Another three months flew by,

Blaize's appearance underwent a massive transformation in these few months thanks to his Senju bloodline. His height reached 5'8, his body began to show signs of an athletic figure with toned muscles, while his raven black hair reached his neck.

Wearing a sleeveless grey shirt and white trousers, Blaize practiced and experimented with his dagger skills taught by Phyrus. His previous immature and childish look had long disappeared from his face.

He looked neither tough nor cold type of guy but his nonchalant gaze is capable of keeping others at bay as if he isn't your normal human. His hands skillfully danced with the dagger exhibiting a thread-like trail in the air.

A single swing from his dagger can easily take a life without much difficulty.

His strength underwent a huge transformation in these three months and the Senju bloodline also perfectly integrated within him. With a thought, the system interface appeared before him,

[~ Name: Blaize Hunt

Constitution: 4.8 [Strength: 4.8, Speed: 4.7]

Devil Fruit: None

Haki: None

Items in storage: Sun Sun Fruit

Tasks: Currently none ~]

His constitution attribute reached 4.8, just a little away from breaking through the '5' bar limit. Then, he can eat his devil fruit. The problem is, his steady improvement recently declined as if he reached a bottleneck.

It's also the reason why his constitution attribute stopped raising in recent days. It should be some kind of body limit, but Blaize doesn't know how to get past it.

Despite that, with his current physical strength and skills, he can easily defeat pirates with a bounty below 20 Million Beli. If he used his trump card, he can fare against some pirates having a bounty of around 30 Million.

Captain of the Redscarf pirates, Durd, has a bounty of 28 Million Beli. He wasn't one to be taken lightly, he has quite a notorious reputation in North blue. Combined with his crew strength and indirect support of Germa Kingdom, only a few dare to mess with them.

If Blaize wants to defeat them, he needs a proper plan. Only by revealing all his trump cards, he can hope to defeat them.

He already paid 1 million Beli to Phyrus a few days back, the latter also kept his promise and removed the exploding collar. The only reason he stays on this Island is to find the location of Redscarf pirates. He's waiting for news from Phyrus who agreed to help him in finding the Redscarf pirates.

He doesn't hold that much hatred against the Redscraf pirates but he inherited the previous owner's resentment along with his memory. So if he doesn't kill them and eliminate the hate, his heart won't be at peace.

Just as Blaize was thinking of training his physical body, a small notification sound rang in his ear. He knew it came from the support system.

He hurriedly summoned the interface and as he expected, there was a slight change in the Task area.

[ ~Trial Task: Revenge is a dish best served cold

Description: Defeat Redscarf pirates and Kill Durd and Barb.

Time Limit: 20 days

Reward: 1 Free attribute point ~ ]

Blaize was overjoyed, it's the first task assigned by the system. Even though it was just a trial one, the rewards are very good; 1 complete free attribute point.

Just as he was pondering how to complete the task within the allotted time frame, he saw Phyrus approaching him from distance.

"Did you discover their location?" Blaize asked soon as the latter arrived.

"Yes! A few days back Redscarf pirates destroyed a patroling marine ship angering a Marine captain from the headquarters. The latter is furiously searching for their whereabouts so they were hiding on a small Island called Koka which is a two-day trip from here.

Are you sure you want to confront them? They are pretty strong you know. Even I have to use a few tricks to defeat Durd in one on one." Phyrus stated.

"Yes. Only destroying them I can move forward!"

"Ok then. I know a merchant ship that leaves today evening. They are traveling in the same direction, you can board their ship." Phyrus said.

"Thank you!" Blaize nodded his head and thanked. Even though he was bought as a slave, Phyrus took good care of him in the last few months.

"What do you plan on doing after destroying Redscarf pirates?" Phyrus asked, inhaling the cigar.

"I intend on joining the marines. I have seen and experienced a lot of cruel things the pirates and wealthy merchants had done in these few months.

If I want to eradicate them all and bring justice to innocent people, joining marines is the only way."

"Then you will become a World government's lapdog?"

"In this world, no one is qualified enough to command me. I am joining marines, not the world government!" Blaize firmly replied.

Even before crossing over to this world, he hated the world government, now even more so. When he transmigrated, he just wants to become strong enough to fight some strong people.

His goal is still the same: to become the strongest man in the world but a new thought sprouted in his heart. Why not change the world along the way?

If his action can change the life of a few innocent people, he's happy with that. Pity! If all the pirates are like Luffy's crew then it won't be a problem but the reality is different.

Hearing his answer, Phyrus sighed thinking of all the achievements Blaize had done from the day he met; from a weak kid to how he earned the title 'King of street fight'.

Now, no one in the Little cage Island mess with Blaize as his reputation even exceeds the latter. Even a pirate with a bounty of 20 Million Beli fell under Blaize's hand.

Phyrus couldn't help but wonder how strong he will become in the future. Where he will stand in this cruel world? For the first time, he began to anticipate someone's future.

In the evening, Blaize boarded a small-scale ship that is used to transport goods and left Little cage island.

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