8 Extent of the Devil fruit ability

Blaize thought, and a devil fruit appeared in his hands. It had a golden stem and appearance similar to dragon fruit. It was dark orange with crimson ornate swirls covering the entire fruit.

Up close, it seemed like the entire fruit was burning. Just holding it in the palm, Blaize felt the fiery power held inside it.

For better or worse, he's going to eat it. The ability of the fruit decides how strong he will become in the future.

Opening his mouth, he took a large bite and swallowed it whole; trying his best to ignore the taste. But, he still felt the unpalatable flavor on his tongue.

"It truly tastes like shit!" Fortunately, he didn't have to eat the entire fruit. The remaining part of the fruit magically disappeared and entered his body.

In the next second, his whole body turned red as if it is boiling. White steam emanated from his skin under extreme heat, while everything within a 1-meter distance started to melt.

"Oh shit! How do I stop this thing?" A blinding golden light emitted from his body and Blaize felt the temperature of his body keep on raising showing no sign of stopping.

"Stop...Stop...Stop!" After a minute of battle with himself, Blaize controlled the temperature in his body. 'I better learn to control this power fast so as not burn others to crisp.'

After experimenting with his devil fruit abilities for another hour, he got a general idea of his powers. Even though he ate Sun-Sun fruit, his body isn't strong enough to bring out the fruit's full potential.

With his present strength, he can only control and manipulate extreme heat. Now, his abilities are similar to Don Accino's Hot-Hot fruit, Or charlotte oven's Heat-Heat fruit.

He can perform heat-based attacks at varying temperatures. Furthermore, he's immune to all types of heat including flames, lava, and so on. As he's the Sun himself!

Even though he couldn't draw out the full power of the devil fruit, he was extremely happy with his current progress. He has an idea of how he should develop his fruit abilities in the future.

The Sun fruit isn't as simple as manipulating heat and fire. It's the source of everything. For example, solar energy manipulation, solar explosion, gravity manipulation, and so on.

He once again checked the interface,

[~ Name: Blaize Hunt

Constitution: 5.0 [Strength: 5.1, Speed: 5.0]

Devil Fruit Potential: 4.5

Haki: None

Items in storage: None

Free attribute point: 0.8

Tasks: Currently none ~]

An extra attribute related to his Devil fruit appeared in the interface panel. Unlike developing himself, with the system, he would have an easier time grasping all the fruit abilities.

Blaize then put all his remaining free attribute points into his Sun Fruit raising it to '5.3'. After breaking past the '5' bar limit, he felt obvious changes in his body. His control over the devil fruit increased, so was his ability to manipulate the heat.

After a night of experimentation, he can command the heat in his body without any difficulty. Unknowingly night passed and Sun rose from the faraway horizon.

It's then the shocking thing happened. When the sun rays descended on his body, he felt the change. Something inside his body absorbed the warm energy from the sun, dumbfounding him.

The energy from the sun harmonized with his Senju bloodline, enhancing his constitution and devil fruit powers every second. It's wasn't obvious to human eyes, but he could feel it.

He didn't foresee such an incredible development. Only then he realized, his devil fruit is an overpowered one. Blaize was overjoyed, with his newfound ability he can improve his strength faster.

Just as he plans on experimenting some more, he spotted a Marine battleship in the distance sailing towards Koka Island.

The battleship anchored few kilometers away and 100 some marines approached the Island in Lifeboat. Leading the marines is a muscular, broad-chested man decked in a captain coat.

Blaize recognized the Marine,' Maynard the Pursuer'. He was introduced in Dressrosa Arc as Vice-admiral but now he was just a Captain. Even so, he wasn't one to be trifled with as he's from headquarters.

Since the current timeline is only 1509, Maynard looked young and fierce with a cigarette in his mouth. Just a look, Blaize knows he isn't the latter's opponent.

The marines behind Maynard looked at one another in confusion. Aside from the dead ones, the other pirates were still sleeping without any care in the world, this is the first time they encountered such a weird situation.

"Why are they still sleeping, they aren't even putting us, the marines, in their eyes?"

"Fool! I think they are knocked by something. Otherwise, no sane pirate will sleep before Captain Maynard." The marines discussed among themself.

Meanwhile, Maynard glanced at his surroundings and spotted Durd's chopped head and lifeless 'Barb' with his heart pierced. He didn't expect to find them dead.

He also noticed Blaize and a notion formed in his head. 'Did he do it?'

"What's your name, Kid?" Maynard asked while Blaize stated his name.

"Blaize...a good name. Did you do this?"


Even though Blaize admitted it, Maynard and other marines found it hard to believe. An unknown kid around 14 -15 taking out two wanted men who had nearly 50 Million bounties combined? It's unheard of.

"I can't believe he killed 'Durd' with that skinny arm of his!" A marine commented.

"Right! I think he's trying to earn the bounty amount by claiming their death."

"Why did you do it?" Maynard asked. He didn't bother to ask the question, how did you do it? because it doesn't matter to him. What matters is 'why?'.

"They killed my parents, forced me to work in their pirate ship for a few months, and sold me as a slave," Blaize stated his reason. Since he plans on joining the Marines, he didn't hide anything.

Even if he did, the marines will find the truth sooner or later with their intelligence network.

Maynard nodded his head in understanding, he didn't ask any other question. This type of thing is pretty common to him. In fact, half of the marines in the world were hurt by pirates one way or another.

Maynard then ordered the lower-ranking Marines to clear the area and apprehend the knocked pirates.

In a few minutes, the marines transferred the snoring pirates to the battleship and destroyed the Redscraf pirates ship by burning the entire ship along with the Durd, Barb, and three dead pirate corpses.

"Are you interested in joining the marines?" Maynard who took care of the things on his end came to Blaize and asked.

"Yes!" Blaize agreed.

"Good! Come with us!" Maynard considered how the battle went and that's what intrigued him. Blaize's strength and wits piqued his interest.

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