41 Defeat

"Here it comes, the power of Zoan fruit!" A pirate of DemonBear Pirates crew exclaimed.

"It's rare to see Captain utilize his devil fruit. That brat is done for, he shouldn't have messed with us, the Demonbear pirates."

"Hmph! Once Captain transforms his defense is impenetrable, no one can harm him."

The mood of Demonbear pirates was instantly lifted while they cheered their captain making loud noises.

Ridge's scary breath enveloped the surrounding area while his 20 feet tall, ferocious appearance terrified the residents of Fishman District.

"I am going to kill you punk!" Ridge roared and attacked with his glistening sharp claws.

A powerful swipe split through the air and reached Blaize intending to shred his body to pieces. But will it be so easy? Of course not.

Anticipating the attack, Blaize pushed his 'Soru' skill to the full extent and went behind Ridge. The flames twirling around his fist intensified, shaping a huge blade that extended to nearly 2 feet.

The blade exuded a terrifying temperature while reddish-orange flame glazed its edges. Its temperature was completely different from the heat Blaize has shown till now.

Leaping high in the air, he landed on Ridge's back and stabbed the flame blade with all his strength.

Ridge who failed to hit the target sensed a threatening premonition on his back. Before he could react, a sharp thing pierced his back.

Screaming in pain, he tried to reach his back with claws but to no avail. It's because after stabbing Ridge, Blaize didn't recover the blade but left it on his back to burn his inner organs.

Ridge couldn't believe that he was injured but the unbearable pain conveys him, his impervious hide was torn open.

What's more, the flame blade continues to burn his inner organs as it was impaled on his back. But to his horror, it's not the end.

From the edge of his vision, he saw Blaize placing his right foot on the blade. Seeing this, Ridge roared in anger and fear.

He tried to get rid of Blaize from his back by scratching his back with claws and by rocking his body but everything ended in vain.

Blaize stabbed the blade in a position that is not accessible to Ridge with his hand. Besides, he's in a transformed state which made it impossible.

"No!!" Ridge shrieked mentally.

None of this stopped Blaize from stomping the blade heavily and thrusting the entirety of it into Ridge's back. After that, he calmly escaped from Ridge's rear.


The huge bear, the transformed Ridge, fell to the ground and strived his best to get on his feet. But Blaize's blade heavily injured his spine region.

The pain Ridge currently experiencing can't be expressed in words as the flame blade continues to burn his inner organs every passing second.

Spitting a mouthful of blood, Ridge canceled his transformation and returned to his human form. A stab wound could be seen on his back which emitted red fumes.

Even though, the process may seem lengthy everything happened in the time of heartbeat. When the surrounding onlookers and Demonbear pirates reacted, it already ended.

Silence! Absoulte silence!

At one moment, Ridge transformed into a huge, scary bear intimidating them to the core but before they could come out of their terror he already collapsed to the ground.

As for the Demonbear pirates, they are the most alarmed. They all thought, 'Who the hell can explain what happened?!'

Their invincible, impenetrable captain was defeated in the blink of an eye. All of them stood rooted on the spot with an inconceivable expression.

"I think my eyes are playing tricks on me. Haha, that's right, otherwise, how could our captain be defeated!" A pirate laughed with a crazed expression.

On the side, Gion and Glave also stopped their fight. It's not like they couldn't fight anymore, Glave lost his fighting spirit as soon as Ridge was defeated.

He knew it's over for them. Without Ridge, the Demonbear pirates are nothing but an empty shell.

"You?" At that moment, Ridge rose to his feet with just pure willpower and unbelievable tenacity.

'What a strong vitality? Incredible! None of the characters in one piece are to be underestimated.' Even Blaize was shocked by his tenacious spirit.

Ridge couldn't digest the fact that he was defeated by an unknown person. 'My ambition is New world, I won't fall here!'

Roaring, he lunged at Blaize with his injured body. There was no power in his fist, only his eyes showed the firmness of his heart.

Blaize calmly evaded the strike by whirling his body to the right. Failing to launch a blow, Ridge lost his balance and once again fell to the ground.

Lionhearted, he rose to his feet and faced Blaize while his face was scraped with dirt from the fall. It was a tragic and unbearable sight for the Demonbear pirates.

"I have to say, I am impressed! At first, I thought of killing you but not anymore." Blaize commented seeing Ridge's indomitable spirit.

"I don't need anyone's pity! Come, I haven't fallen yet. Hahaha!" Rejecting Blaize's goodwill, Ridge laughed crazily.

Seeing this scene, Glave tightened the grip on his hatchest while the DemonBear pirates drew their weapons, ready to fight at any moment.

The atmosphere was tense, the onlooking fish-men felt suffocated and nervous about what's going to happen next.

"As you wish!" Kicking off his right foot, Blaize arrived in front of Ridge and struck the latter's chest with his elbow which is coated in heat energy.


Ridge couldn't react in time and blasted high in the air with intense force. Blaize balled his fist while blistering flames surged and wrapped his hand.

Aiming at Ridge who was few feet above his head, Blaize punched. A huge column of fire exploded from his hand like a towering inferno and shot at Ridge.

This time, Ridge made no attempt to avoid the attack as he was already heavily injured, and last the attack of Blaize directly shattered a few of his chest bones.

Besides, he can't do much in mid-air. Closing his eyes, he welcomed the attack while the images of his pirate life flashed before his eyes.


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