48 Captain Blaize

The disturbing encounter with Sakazuki didn't affect Blaize in any way. He was still carefree and energetic as always.

Today, he's taking charge as Marine Headquarters Captain and has a unit of his own. Currently, he's marching towards his ship to meet the Marine officers under his command.

Like him, the other recruits were also taken charge and went their own way. Gion followed Tsuru and was on her way to the New World.

Before leaving, she came to meet him and said sorry. Blaize didn't mind and had a clear chat with her. She left with peace of mind as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

The next time they meet, he was sure she won't be the same inexperienced woman. As a future Admiral level candidate, how can she be weak?

Like in the original series, Vergo personally requested Sengoku to transfer him to the G-5 branch where he will officially start his undercover work.

As for Shuzo, he followed Vice-Admiral Kizaru and went to New World.

Not just them, most of the recruits who successfully completed the training were placed under strong and well-respected Marine officers.

They will now follow their superiors to New World where they will face the cruel pirates of the sea and temper themselves.

The only exception is Blaize, he was tasked to wander the Grandline and watch the neighboring kingdoms affiliated to World Government.


It didn't take long for Blaize to reach the ship assigned to him where the Marine soldiers waited for his arrival. Most of them are nervous and anxious.

Jumping onto the ship, Blaize noticed the marines standing in an orderly manner waiting for his command.

Smiling a little, Blaize spoke. "You guys can relax." Only after his command, the marines on board visibly eased their body and their nervousness too faded away.

"Who's second in command here?" Blaize asked, looking around.

"Lieutenant commander Regis reporting, Captain Blaize. I am the second-in-command of the ship!" A silver-haired man in his late twenties came forward and reported.


"Tell me the status of our ship!" Blaize said and walked towards the front ship deck.

"Yes! Our ship holds nearly forty individuals. Two Lieutenant Commanders, 5 Lieutenants, 3 Ensigns, and twenty Marines of varying Ranks.

Aside from them, we have 5 chore boys, 3 chefs, and 2 doctors."

"Ohh! We have Two Lieutenant commanders, where is the other one?" Blaize asked, slightly curious.

"His name is Jotto, he went to collect the ship supplies," Regis replied and continued, "Captain Blaize, a few minutes before came, Rear-Admiral communicated and instructed me to pass a message."

"What is it?" Blaize asked, showing no interest.

"There's constant unrest in the Lulusia kingdom due to a large number of pirates' constant visits. Recently, a pirate crew tried to attack the royal family."

"Ok. Gather the soldiers and we will leave once everyone arrives!"

"Yes!" Saluting, Regis went to execute the orders.

After a few minutes, Blaize's Marine ship left the Marineford and drifted away, completely disappearing from the view.


In no time, Blaize got familiar with the unit as he's carefree and open-minded. The marines on the ship also relaxed around him, laughing and joking in his presence.

It took them three days to reach the Lulusia Kingdome and with Blaize's strength, there's no trouble. He effortlessly crushed the pirates and sent them to the nearest Marine branch.

In his unit, Regis and Jotto are pretty strong as they also once attended the Marine special training camp during their youthful days.

They are the strongest fighters on the ship aside from himself. Though they aren't ridiculously strong, they are capable of defeating pirates with bounty around 20 Million to 30 Million berries.


Days passed like that for Blaize; Chasing pirates, training, sparing with the marines under his command, eating, and sleeping.

It's been nearly six months since he left the Marine headquarters and hadn't gone back even once. Not just him, everyone in his unit also suffered due to him.

Even the request for leave had been turned down by the superiors, reasoning that new pirates are sprouting up every day and they need all the marines in hand to stop them.

It's understandable but their unit wasn't even called frequently. At most, they were ordered once a week and in the worst case, twice a weak. And that too to apprehend weaker ones!

Staying away from pirates is a good thing but not for Marines. It's because only by apprehending the strong pirates, they will earn merit points.

And only with Merit points, they can apply for promotion, weapons, and the things they desire. It's the quickest way to become stronger.

And in Blaize's case, only by defeating the pirates he can earn attribute points and improve his strength quicker. Now, his path was cut off.

Blaize knew it's Sakazuki's way of revenge. By restricting what he could do, he can stop Blaize from getting stronger and his promotion in rank.

If it's just him, Blaize would just wave it off but all the Marines under him were also implicated by Sakazuki's actions.

'I will definitely pay it back, Sakazuki. Do you think doing this will stop my advancement? Naive!'

In fact, during these six months, he got a lot stronger. With a thought, the system interface actualized before him.

[~ Name: Blaize Hunt

Occupation: Marine

Constitution: 32.5

Devil Fruit Potential: 30.0

Haki: None

Items in storage: None

Free attribute point: 3.0 ~]

Just yesterday, both his constitution attribute and devil fruit potential broke past the '30' bar limit; thanks to the mighty pirate crew they met.

The crew was as strong as the DemonBear pirate crew with a single devil fruit user. The total crew bounty is 200 Million berries while their Captain himself had 180 Million berries on his head.

Since Blaize was a lot stronger than he was six months earlier, his strength overwhelmed the pirates and they were crushed easily.

Defeating them, the system rewarded him 1 constitution point, 1 devil fruit potential, and 1 free attribute point.

Aside from this, his attributes rose gradually due to his rigorous training and sunbath. Basking in the sun enhances his constitution, after all.

Every week, his devil fruit potential attribute increases by 0.1 points. It's been nearly 24 weeks since he left the Marine Headquarters, rising it by 2.4 points.

As for the Constitution attribute, every week they rose by 0.2 points thanks to the scorching Sun.

Though he just hunted some weak pirates in these six months, catching them provided some points.

In these six months, he encountered 10 weak pirate crews each one yielded him 0.2 points, 4 slightly stronger ones generated 0.5 points. And finally, one strong grew.


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