66 Back to Marine Headquarters

Endless flames surged from Blaize's leg without stop and engulfed everything around 500 meters transforming into a sea of fire.

'He's one resilient bastard even though he's very weak!'

Sakazuki snorted a little and exerted much force while thrusting more magma into the attack. His magma pushed Blaize's flames away and strived forward to strike.

Soon, a thunderous bang resounded while blood splattered!

Ultimately, Sakazuki's haki powered strike triumphed while his giant magma fist smashed Blaize straight into the sea, completely knocking him unconscious.

The attack tore his inner organs and crushed most of his bones. It won't be an exaggeration to say that he's on brink of death.

Discerning Blaize still breathes with his observation Haki, Sakazuki muttered, "Haoshoku Haki...you are similar to that Garp. Your kind of justice is a shame to the Marines who need to erase every criminal without any sympathy.

You even let Fisher Tiger who freed countless criminals escape!"

The entirety of his arm transformed into hardened magma something that no one had seen before. Hardened magma took the shape of a pointed spike, imbuing them with Haki, he smashed it towards where Blaize fell.

Blaize's body floated in the ocean completely unconscious, unaware a strike that can take his life approaches him.

At the last moment, a figure zoomed past the attack while Blaize disappeared. The one who arrived is none other than Kuzan.

He wore an indigo coat with the Marine emblem on the left chest and the back, as well as a dark blue bandanna with a white Marine symbol on it and a pair of black round sunglasses.

"Arara, Sakazuki, what are you doing, trying to kill a fellow marine?"

Kuzan held Blaize's bloody figure in his right hand and faced Sakazuki. Blaize's entire being is painted in blood, while his face had a huge dent in them.

Sakazuki's last strike is truly vicious as he didn't even hold back a little. If not for Blaize's Senju constitution he would have already died.

Even so, his situation is critical. Most of the bones in his body were broken while his inner organs were ripped in multiple places.

"Kuzan, don't intervene in my matters. He has to die today, his way of thinking is deemed as a threat to the World Government."

Hearing it, Kuzan frowned. 'Don't tell me someone from World Government want Blaize dead!'

Shaking his head, Kuzan spoke: "From what I see, he isn't a threat to anyone but you. Are you afraid of him getting stronger?"

Sakazuki grunted to his ridiculous question and uttered, "Since you decided to stand in my way, I will kill you along with him."

"Why don't you try it?" Kuzan spoke while frost covered his hands and legs, chilling the area.

Before they could confront, Sengoku's voice came from Kuzan's pocket. Kuzan then took out a Den Den Mushi that resembles Sengoku.

"Enough! Sakazuki, you are trying to kill a fellow Marine without any orders, is this how a Vice-Admiral acts? Get back to the Headquarters."

Sakazuki clenched his Fist and gritted his teeth, but eventually, he turned around and walked away. He's just a Vice-Admiral now, he can't act as he wishes.

Only when he becomes an Admiral, he has that power. Of course, characters like Garp and Tsuru are different.

"Kuzan, you bring Blaize back and send him to the infirmary."

"Okay!" Kuzan ended the call and looked at barely breathing Blaize.

Though he arrived only seconds before Sakazuki dealt his final blow, he was impressed by Blaize's actions. He was daring and courageous as he stood alone to face Sakazuki so that his unit and the World Noble slaves can leave.

Wasting no time, he carried Blaize and hurried towards Headquarters understanding the dire state he is in.

Both Kuzan and Sakazuki left. The entire sky was filled with smoke and heat, proof of the battle that happened here.

The residents of the Nanohana town were the most perplexed ones as they didn't even know what happened, aside from the fact some people are fighting.

The fight didn't last long since Blaize was too weak compared to Sakazuki. But, the next time they fight it will be different.


Marine Headquarters,

Three days have passed since the battle between Blaize and Sakazuki, but Blaize still hadn't regained his consciousness yet.

It's because of the degree of damage he sustained, his mind automatically shut his consciousness as it's too severe.

Today, Blaize slowly regained his consciousness and opened his eyes. He feels as if he woke from a long dream and a thought crossed his mind. 'I am still alive?'

Then, an excruciating pain spread from various parts of his body, even with his good willpower and pain tolerance, he couldn't help but cry out a little.

Especially his arms, he couldn't even feel them as if they aren't there. It somewhat frightened him a little.

Only then he noticed the surroundings and his mummified appearance. Thankfully, his arms were still there. It's just they were injured critically.

It didn't affect him in any way as he knew with his Senju constitution he will gradually recover and back to his full strength in a few days. It's the advantage of raising his constitution attribute to 40.

Just as Blaize was feeling the injuries in his body, young medical personnel came inside and was astonished to see him up and conscious.

"You are awake? Good, I will call the doctor!" Saying this, the young man went to call the doctor.

In a few minutes, Blaize saw Fishbonen entering the room decked in a white coat and carries a notepad. "It's surprising that you regained consciousness considering the degree of wounds!"

"How do you feel?" Fishbonen asked.

"I can't feel my arms," Blaize said looking at his fully bandaged arms fastened against his chest.

"Your arms are crushed completely with shattered bones. But you don't have to worry, I noticed incredible healing power in your body. They will heal if you eat and rest properly for few days."

Blaize simply nodded his head. Crushing defeat against Sakazuki taught him many things and the importance of Haki.

Haki stands far above the Devil fruit power. Even if one had heaven-defying strength, without Haki, they won't amount much.

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