1 You can only have 2D friends if you want to be a Mafia Boss

The classroom was noisy.

Almost every boy clamoured as they crouched beside each other in a particular spot. They were clutching onto their phones in landscape orientation and a video game was visible on their screens.

"You fucking mutt!!! I told you to come here! here! look! Aaaaa! toxic! cancer!"

"You're a Kamen main with what? 30% win rate? Pffft! Hahahahahaha you gotta be kidding me!"

"SS! Oh! Oh! Dieeee!"

That was all one can hear.

14-year-old boys swearing like there's no tomorrow, making everyone wonder if they had mistakenly entered the wrong classroom.

The noise irritated the girls in the same room. There's an upcoming quiz and they were trying to cram, but the boys made this simple task difficult. Their barrage of curses was enough to distract the rest off of their tasks.

They were so mad they could snap a pen.

The Vice President could no longer stand it and decided to take action. She stood up and walked over to the boys, who were assembled in some kind of a circular pattern in the corner.



Snap. One vein snapped.

"Please lower down yo----"


Snap. Three veins snapped.

"Listen! We're trying to review--"



Silence. There was only silence. A long, long silence.

The Vice President snapped. Her patience was nowhere near the length of the china wall.

"Are you deaf? Or did you just forget to clean your ears for a month? I've tried to inform you to stay silent! We're trying to study for the upcoming quiz! But you're so boisterous! Why are the bunch of you so disrespectful? If you want to fail then don't drag us down!"

Her eyes moistened with rage. She was silenced three times and she could barely review. If curses are daggers she wouldn't even be surprised if her ears starts bleeding! Therefore, her outburst wasn't that surprising.

One of the boys who had lost a game scorned her. Nobody noticed that he was there, as he was in the corner with his back on most of the students.

As luck would have it, nobody was aware of his presence.

Alas, if they knew, especially the Vice President, there`s no doubt she would`ve rather decide becoming mute.

After all, he's the most incorrigible out of them. The most disgusting. It was a drag to deal with this guy, the pathetic school bully that you`d often see in novels. Usually playing the role of a cannon fodder, with the sole purpose of making the protagonist appear a million miles greater.

He stood up, went to where the Vice President was and flashed her his infamous glare.

The Vice President stepped back, she was so afraid, it was at a level where controlling her limbs became a difficult task. The other boy was suspended last year because he bashed a teacher's head in the wall, this caused severe head injury to the latter.

But the law, most often than not, shields those with money.

He was the son of a powerful politician, and so was able to get away with only a suspension.

The election day was near that incident date, so this boy's father who ran for a high position threatened the teacher to not tell a soul about what had happened and he eventually succeeded. Everyone in the school faculty was bribed by the politician and the teacher had no choice but to leave the school.

The Vice President's eyes quivered from fear. How can she even protect herself from these monsters? In both physical and legal aspects, she's at a disadvantage.

"Quit your blabbing mouth you fucking bitch!" The boy raised his hand, about to slap the Vice President. The Vice President closed her eyes and waited for the pain to come. She was too scared to even move!

But, the awaited pain never came. A single word from someone who suddenly spoke up made the bully's movement halt all of a sudden.

"I see you've gone nuts" The voice made Leo hand's stop in an instant.

The bearer of the voice was a young man. Despite his young age, his intimidating presence dominated everyone to suppression.

He held a natural air of arrogance like all except him are worthless ants.

"B-bright!" The bully, Leo, flinched. He stepped back in panic and fell, his butt roughly smashed against the ground.

Leo was well aware of their difference in status. If he's the City Lord then this guy is the Emperor.

But even so!

Even though he knew, he still can't stop himself from deeply hating this guy!

This guy had the looks, the power, and the general public's acknowledgement. But Bright never paid attention to anyone. He sees all that as a nuisance. While Leo tried his hardest just to have an ounce of that recognition.

Leo hated Bright's gut but was undeniably envious of what he had.

Bright looked down on Leo who was on the ground. This action made the latter feel small for the nth time. It was as though the mere presence of Bright solidifies his insignificance.

"I despise it when bugs crawl around," Bright said as he turned away from everyone. He sat silently in his seat and flipped the pages of his notebook as if nothing had happened.

Leo clenched his fist and glared at the callous person. He was enraged and humiliated, but he was too powerless to fight back. Leo had no choice but to return to his seat quietly. There was no chance to retaliate.

School ended and Bright went back home. He was greeted by several servants along the way, but he indifferently walked past them and went towards his room on the upper floor.

And when he had finally entered the room and locked the door...

He plopped on his bed and sighed loudly.

"Waaaa! What a tiresome day." Bright felt extra tired today.

He remembered his verbal battle with Leo earlier and felt like crying. He was scared that it might turn into a fight, so he tried intimidating him. Fortunately, it worked!

If it didn't, Bright wouldn't know what else to do.

It's not that he's physically weak, rather, he's really strong for his age. He's strong, but he can't control his strength. Engaging in a fight will surely injure his opponents. After all, he was trained to kill since young.

His father is a powerful businessman at the front, but he's also the mafia boss of the underworld.

Not the 'Hell' kind of Underworld, but the illegal businesses and organizations type of 'underworld'.

And also, he's not a fan of fighting! He loves peace, and his only goal is to die peacefully.

It's an irony for somebody who was destined to become the Lenon clan's Mafia boss.

Bright sighed again. His mood gradually became bitter.

Who wanted to be a mafia boss? Certainly not him.

It sounded cool alright, but they're just criminals!

"What are you sighing for?"


Bright's heart nearly leapt out of his chest in surprise. Despite having been trained since early childhood, he was still unable to detect his father's presence.

Bright grabbed a pillow and threw it on his father, but the other caught it easily.

"That's not nice!" His father said in a cheerful tone.

"Why are you even here Dad?" Bright asked, although he has zero interest in what his dad, Sinon, needs.

Sinon chuckled and went towards Bright's bed. He sat beside Bright and ruffled the other's hair.

"Did you enjoy school?"

"No. How can I? You forbid me from having friends remember?!" He avoided his father's hands.

"Psh. I feel like an outcast."

Sinon glanced his way and let out a long sigh.

"It's not that I don't want you to make friends. I just told you that you can't be friends with someone weak, doesn't have the same financial power as us, and can't protect themselves from assassins. I'm not saying you shouldn't have any friends." Bright's father elaborated.

"How is that any different?"

'It's not as if everyone is like me...'

Bright hid in the corner while his eyes threw daggers at his father. However, he wasn't complaining.

It was because he was aware that having friends entailed involving that friend in his dangerous issues. So he heeded his father's advice not to hang out with people who can't save themselves when there's a possibility of danger.

Sinon saw Bright's expression and sighed. He then raised his forefinger like he was about to suggest something.

"How about some online friends? At the very least, you can still be friends without putting the other's life at risk" He said while nodding. Thinking how extremely smart he was for being able to come up with that solution.

Bright frowned.

"No, that's just sad."

"Then how about a 2D friend?"

"No! That's more upsetting you know?"

"Then don't have one. I'll go now then." Bright's father smiled and he stood up to leave.

Bright stared at his Father with a dumb face, only when he came to a realization did he grab the other to stop him.

"Wait! Wait. I'll settle with that! I'll have that, that, whatever, kind of friends!"

Sinon grinned having achieved what he wanted. He patted Bright's head again.

"Okay. Remember to pick wisely okay? Good friends are the only ones allowed." He then left the young man alone.

Bright grabbed a pillow and threw it at the door before it closed.

'Easy for you to say!'

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