58 Ch 56 : Night walk along the beach

Ray woke up the following day after some long good sleep.

He didn't know why, but thinking of Skye getting cucked by Reiji made his sleep a lot better than usual.

" Good morning world, let's keep working hard today too"

" Meow"


" Okay, let's check today's schedule. Blackmailing the resort manager in the morning, teasing Skye and Reiji in the afternoon then finish the day with a nice dinner with Rena and Aiko. "

" Hmm, that's a pretty good schedule I could say."

Ray then took some time to prepare himself. He took a bath and put on some nice clothes, ready for today's activity.


An hour later, Ray came out from his room with a beaming smile on his face. He was really happy that he was able to blackmail the resort manager for $150,000.

It was not that he cares so much about money, but with this, he should be able to finish the mission and unlock the spirit beast Ranch. He only needs to wait until their last vacation day before getting the money from the resort manager.

" What happens Ray, why do you look so delighted today?"

Rena came to Ray with a curious look.

" Nothing it's just that I got some good sleep yesterday. Oh, by the way, I have taught those 3 guys some lessons and also ask accountability towards the resort manager. They have admitted their fault, and we shouldn't encounter a problem like yesterday again."

" Hehe, Ray is the best."

Rena clung to Ray's neck and give him a small peck on the cheek.

" Let's go, the other has been waiting for us."

The two then strolled together into the dining room while holding hands, making some passerby jealous.


After breakfast, Ray and co spent their afternoon in a temple nearby the beach resort. It was a popular place for tourism and located only a 5-minute walk from the resort.

They came to the temple and marveled at the grandeur of the temple buildings. The temple was styled in an Aztec-Mexican template.

It was so grand, that they couldn't imagine that the temple was built over 5000 years ago and still sturdy until this day.

" Whoa, such a majestic building, I think that only deez could build such a building."

" Eh, who's deez, why I haven't heard of him before."

" Deez nut."

Reiji was back at his jokes again, and the group laughed together. This time, even Ray laughed at some of Reiji's jokes.

It was only the gyaru girl Roa, that looked really uneasy today. She has been fidgeting with her phone since she left the resort, and it made his boyfriend Skye feel a little bit uncomfortable.

" Hey Roa, why couldn't you stop looking at your phone just for a while?

" Eh,Hehe... It's my mom. She worried about me so much and she couldn't stop messaging me"

Roa really looks nervous at Skye's questioning, even so, Skye didn't think much and only nod at Roa's explanation. He only told Roa that she should also enjoy the moment here.

Hearing Skye believed her explanation, Roa sighed some relief. She hugged Skye's hand and give him a peck.

" Hehe, I'm glad my boyfriend is such an understanding person."

Skye didn't reply much and enjoyed the sensation of Roa clinging into his body. This girl looks pretty naughty on the outside, but he knows Roa was a docile and kind girl on the inside.

The lovey-dovey couple then started walking with their arm connected to each other, making every people on it's easy jealous.

It was until the afternoon, when suddenly

*Uphone ringing sound*

Not long after, Roa's phone rang, and her expression sunk.

" Umm, it's my mother. She is calling me because she's worried. I'm sorry, but I need to go and answer my mother first."

Roa quickly let go of Skye's hand and went to the resort.

Skye looking at his girlfriend's behavior could only shake his head. It seems his girlfriend's mother really loves her so much.

Reiji on the other hand also started acting strange. He told the others that he had a stomachache and need to go back to the resort.

Rem offered to accompany him, but Reiji declined politely, saying that she should enjoy the vacation, or else he would feel guilty if she misses most of the fun part because of him.

Rem didn't continue to pursue and moved to walk alongside the others, not noticing Ray's weird glance at Reiji's back.

' I never thought they would be this bold. It seems last night's experience was way better than Skye huh? I'm sorry Skye, I could only offer you my deepest condolence. *Sigh* Why does all Ntr-ed protagonist IQ suddenly turned into 0 when it is involving their girlfriend.'

Even though he said that Ray was actually a little bit glad for Reiji. Reiji didn't really do anything wrong except him being the villain of the game, and he has suffered much under Ray's hand. So Ray decided to treat this as an apologetic gift for Reiji.

After Roa and Reiji went away, the group proceed to look around the temple and only went back home after 3 hours of exploring, still without any trace of Roa and Reiji coming back to them from the resort.


In the evening, Ray and co decided to get their dinner separately.

Ray went with Rena, while Aiko and Rem stayed in the resort room because they were too tired.

Reiji was still in his room because of "stomachache", and Skye went looking for Roa who has been missing since the afternoon.

Ray and Rena ate their dinner in a nearby restaurant. At first, Ray wanted to take Rena to some high-class restaurant, but she declined. Saying that any restaurant will do if she is with Ray.

The two eat their dinner quickly, and when they were ready to go back into the resort, Rena asked ray for a night walk alongside the beach.


Under the beautiful gaze of the moon, and the sound of flowing sea. Rena and Ray walk side by side, holding hands with each other.

" Ray, do you like me?"

" Eh, why all of a sudden Rena?"

Rena's question brought some confusion to Ray. Normally Rena would not talk about this topic openly to him.

" Just answer me, Ray!"

Rena looks straight into Ray's eyes.

" Yes, I like you, Rena."

Hearing Ray's answer, Rena eyes turn into a crescent shape, and her wide smile even eclipses the beauty of the moon in the night sky.

" Hehehe, I thought so too."

" *Sigh* I'm getting more and more confused you know?"

Ray could only become speechless, he was becoming more and more confused about what's on Rena's mind right now.

" Hehe, you know Ray, It wasn't that long since we first start dating."

Rena said to Ray, and Ray only nodded to indicates Rena to continue.

" During our first meeting, my first impression of you was just a silly and fat boy, with no courage to do whatsoever. Only capable of entering the maple-leaf academy because of your parents' connection..

Ray didn't refute Rena's words. He knew the old Ray was just like what Rena has described, and it could only be described as a miracle of how he took the old Ray's place.

" Then, one day you suddenly changed. I was surprised when I saw a handsome guy sitting next to me, but when you greet me, somehow I knew it was you.

The next thing that happened could be described as a fairytale. You saved me from Reiji when he was still a bad guy, helping my family's restaurant and restore our family's wellbeing. And even yesterday you saved me again from the 3 despicable men. Ray, if all of this was just a dream, then please don't wake me up."

Ray was about to say something, but Rena stopped him. She started to hum and the two dance under the beautiful moonlight, accompanied by the melody of the sea which just magnify the romantic situation between them.

A few dances later, Rena started to get tired. They lied down on the beach, which Rena leans on Ray's shoulder.

" Ray, I....

[ DING!!! Warning!!! Warning!!! A special occurrence has been detected.]

[ A special spatial rift event of Tropic island dungeon has been detected near the host, proceeding to transfer the host into the special event.]

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