22 Ch 22 : Kono Ray da

" Umm, Sir. Is it really necessary to do that thing?"

" Why young man? Are you doubting this old Master's words?"

Reiji was still indignant about doing the request of the old Master. He was desperate right now, but the old Master's request was just too much for his standard.


" Hmph, it doesn't matter if you don't want to. This old matter could just leave and look for a new successor."

The old master word splash Reiji's face like cold water. This was his last chance, he could only do or die with this.

" WAIT!!! I'll do it. I'll do the old master request right now."

With that being said, Reiji quickly put on his clothes and went to the secret nightclub hidden in the dark alley.

He cut his way through and entered the room where his father was chilling with two women on his side.

" Son, what are you doing here. Didn't I told you to stay in your room as a punishment?"

Reiji's father glared at his son furiously. He loved his only son very much, but the kissing incident has put a smear on his name and he can't tolerate it.

He had abolished his son's status as an heir and put him on house arrest in hope that his son would mature and learn to be a suitable leader for the local gangster group. At least he should be doing that secretly and not in front of the whole public.

" Father, actually I have something to say for you."

Reiji's father was unpleased with Reiji's tone. He raised one eyebrow, indicating Reiji to continue.

Reiji was more nervous than his father. He took a deep breath and steeled his mind.

" Yo-your breath stinks like hell."

" ????"

" And not only that, I heard that you love it in your ass so much that mother had divorce you because you spend more time playing your stinky ass with another man rather than spending time with mother!!"

* Silence*

Reiji's words stiffen the room's atmosphere. The two subordinates have panic-struck faces and they only wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Reiji was in no way better. His face paled as white as snow and his pants started to get a little wet.

" I.. I'm sorry Fa-"

" Who told you about this?"

" Eh??"

" Who told you about this fact??? This supposed to be a secret and only your mother know this."


" NANI?????"

" Da Fug???"

' What in the hell did I just heard?'

"*Sigh* Actually the reason I tried to raise you as a capable successor as soon as possible is so I could leave my position to you and continue my deepest desire."

" ... "

" Now that you already know about it, how about you take my position and started to rule as the gang leader. So I could enjoy my life and pursue my desire."

The room was filled with silence end horror. The two subordinates were on the verge of fainting while Reiji's knees have loosened up and he kneels down on the ground.

" Son, what do you-"


Incapable of bearing the truth, Reiji's mind was almost in collapse. He screamed and storm his way out of the nightclub.



Back in his home, Reiji was terrified. He never thought that the mysterious man's word was a fact. It scared him so much that his most respected father was actually a degenerate pervert.

" Old master, Old master I have done my part of the deal. You are an omnipotent being, please grant my humblest wish."

Reiji put all his hope in the mysterious man. The mysterious man could know a secret that nobody knows, and he has shown many miracles. Surely curing the wicked desire of his father was no trouble for the mysterious man.

From the darkness, a man with dark robe mysteriously appeared. He brought his hand closer to Reiji and pat his shoulder.

" Old Master, please-"

Suddenly laughter comes from the mysterious man.


" Old Master-"

The mysterious man takes off his robe and from inside, a charming boy appeared.

" You thought it was the old master, but it was me RAY!!!!"

[ DING!!! Congratulations to the host for completing the mission.]

[ Break Reiji's mind ]

[ Progress: 0/100 ]

[ Rewards: Villain halo +20, System point +100, Unlock item shop. ]

[ The item shop has been unlocked, please check it and use your system point wisely.]



Following the notification, the sound of Reiji collapsing come into their ear. Poor boy, it must be too much for his fragile mind.

Well, it's no concern to Ray though. He put back the invisibility cap and return to his home.


Returning to his home, Ray was in a really cheerful mood contrary to his previous gloomy self.

"Aina, please open the item shop for me."

[ Affirmative host ]

[ Item shop - July 2021 ]

[ Special skill: Mature woman charmer - 30 Sp]

[ Mature woman Lust perfume - 100 Sp]

[ Married woman collar - 50 Sp]

[ Married woman detector - 15 Sp]

[ Escape rope - 10Sp]

[ Sp left: 110 Sp]


Ray was speechless at the item shop. Other than the useful item ropes, why does all of them has a relation with a mature or married woman.

There's no way he would seduce somebody's mother right? Right???

*Sigh* Either way, it's useless for Ray to think too much about this right now. They were so expensive and he doesn't have enough Sp to buy them all.

It seems that he needs to fasten the progress with Rena.

" Aina please give me the escape rope."

The escape rope was the only thing necessary right now. He didn't know when Skye will strike and having life insurance would not hurt.

[ Sure host, Aina has deducted 10 Sp from the host's System point.]

Ray look at the time and noticed that he has spent more than 2 hours dealing with Reiji. It was already 9 P.M but he didn't care. Tomorrow was Saturday and there was no school. He opened his phone to chat with Rena, hoping that he could book a date with her tomorrow.

" Oh, speaking of which Aina. Please do 1 spin on item gacha and 5 spins on skill gacha, I'm not gonna miss my daily streak here."

[ With pleasure host <3]

[ DING!!! Congratulations to the host for getting the following item.]

[ Stone - Elementary walking skill x1]

[ Stone - Elementary breathing skill x3]

[ Silver - Elementary singing skill x1]

[ Gold - Spirit beasts tag x3]

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