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What is Transmigrated as Harry Potter

Read Transmigrated as Harry Potter fanfiction written by the author SuperVegeto on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Movies fanfic stories, covering transmigration, harrypotter. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Waking up in a loud and tight space our MC must see what he must do to survive. He doesn’t have crazy abilities or anything that would set him above the rest. However an undying will and future knowledge might be what let’s him survive this crazy situation. Hey guys Arthur here I won’t drop the book but I’m doing this at my pace since my life is very chaotic and I’m doing this for fun. I’m most likely not going to be constant just a warning


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Lately I'm a fan of leaving these reviews to the stories I like, and they don't have enough reviews to qualify, and although I'm not very good at putting stars in the review categories, I know when I like a story. And this has potential, although the idea is not the most original, since I have read fan fics with the reincarnated Mc as Harry Potter, I know that they are usually ruined with stupid desires or impossible systems that take away the “reality” of Harry's world Potter created by jk, and for now in the few chapters that this fan fic has been wearing, something so absurd has not happened. In my opinion, although the author of the story is in control of it, he shows his seriousness with the story in how he develops it ( All this is just my opinion.) Finally, if you read this far, I recommend leaving your review to support the novels you like and give them visibility and thus ensure that more people can appreciate them, (also according to what I understand this encourages the authors) even if they are only points until the cap is filled to send the review.


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