Transmigrated as CEO's Daughter and Mated to an Alpha  Prince Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Transmigrated as CEO's Daughter and Mated to an Alpha Prince


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"I WILL FORGE MY OWN PATH!" ~Scarlett "GIVING UP IS THE WORST THING WE CAN DO TO OURSELVES!" ~Scarlett "YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CHANGE FOR ME, I LOVE YOU THE WAY YOU ARE. EVEN YOUR BROKEN PARTS!" ~Scarlett ====== This is a story of a nineteen years old strong-willed Scarlett who grew up in a foster care system. She was a big fan of a werewolf story that she grew up reading. Then she found out that the ending was not the outcome she imagined and expected it to be. Making her curse at the author of the story. Until one day, Scarlett was transmigrated into the world of the werewolf story she just finished reading. Waking up as a daughter of a rich CEO. Realizing she has taken over the ill-fated female main protagonist of the story. Now, Scarlett has to survive and change the tragic fate of the only daughter of Richard Pride. --- How will she manage to live in her new reality? Will she accept the ill-fated destiny of her character or make a new path for her own self? Can she make a new ending for the female main protagonist? What will she do if love came in her way? --- Time of Release: Every Fridays and Tuesdays, 20:00 +8GMT (Enough clamor from the readers can make this into daily 2 chapters updates)