Transmigrated as a Cannon fodder in Strongest Abandoned Son Book

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Transmigrated as a Cannon fodder in Strongest Abandoned Son


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Tired of cliche novels? Then give this a try. Lucas was tired of reading cliche novels where FL's fall in love with MCs in nonsensical ways. Though he once enjoyed reading them, as he grew up, he felt nauseated to read any more of these sh*t. Unexpectedly, he was transmigrated into a cannon fodder named Song Shaown who would be dead in less than a day after his appearance. Thankfully, the plot didn't escalate much and still was in the initial stages. Would he get to live his life any different from our expectations? That's what time would tell us. @@@ Disclaimer: I do not own the characters & settings of Strongest Abandoned Son as well as the cover. They belong to their rightful owners. I am making fanfiction on it. @@@ Author: Read at least 10 chaps before you decide you drop it. Not everything I write might be your cup of tea. It would be much appreciated if you'd review it by telling me the mistakes I make. That is all, thank you everyone for giving it a try, if you do. *Cough* Grammar is bad. Be warned!


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